The Convert – Switching from Console to PC Gaming Part I

Adam explans what has brought around his recent decision to spend the next few years focusing on PC Gaming, rather than console gaming.

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PeaSFor2010d ago

im enjoying handheld games, console games AND pc games....

am i a special specie of gamer or something?

mushroomwig2010d ago

Definitely, in this modern age you're only allowed to show obedience to one platform.

zeal0us2010d ago

Well that only means one thing that you're a WITCH!!!!!!! Kill the heathen.

Seriously though I rather experience all platforms than stick to one platform/console.

Axe992010d ago

Aye, me too - my PC just broke down, and I miss it and can't wait for it to get fixed, _but_ I'd miss my PS3 and Vita just as much. Hell, I'd even miss the 360, bless it's overpriced store and ridiculous paywall, but also it's wonderful Halo and Fable series :).