Is EA’s SimCity consolation a fair deal?

EA has finally announced its list of free games for customers of their latest installment in the SimCity franchise. However, are the games that are available to choose from really a fair deal?

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2pacalypsenow1980d ago

no they are all old games the only one there that is fairly new is Dead space 3 but that game is full of micro transactions , i see what they did and its an even bigger insult

Kyosuke_Sanada1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Buy a crappy Ferrari, ask for a refund and the dealership gives you a choice of one free car out of a group consisting of 90% Ford Pinto's and a 2013 Toyota Camry to make things interesting.

Only in the game industry will people will believe such an asinine trade off is worth it.....

pompombrum1980d ago

No, the only fair consolation here would be offering people an easy route to getting a refund.