PlayStation Store Preview – March 19th, 2013: There’s Always PS Plus

After a few solid weeks, the PlayStation Store has its first big lull of 2013. There is still some content to dig into, but it lacks any major heavy hitters. If anything the DLC may be more interesting, as new content is releasing for a few of our favorite games of 2012. If you can’t find anything for you this week, there’s always PlayStation Plus.

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Relientk772015d ago


Hogs of War as a PS1 classic, I may have to buy that

awesome game

TrendyGamers2015d ago

I'll definitely be getting The Cave.

ziggurcat2015d ago

it's a good little puzzle platformer that has that classic double fine charm.

Wedge192015d ago

The Cave! Yay, can't wait.

ApolloTheBoss2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Just starting playing Infamous 2 and Spec Ops on PS Plus and they're both kick-ass. Also about to try LBP2. I tell you PS Plus has to be the greatest thing I've ever bought. EVER. SOOO glad I left Xbox for this.

LOGICWINS2015d ago

Spec Ops has one of the strongest campaigns this gen!

Derekvinyard132015d ago

Dam straight, the story is so addicting ! Very well done

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The story is too old to be commented.