War Games: God of War's woman-hating ways

Andy Astruc asks AWESOMEoutof10 readers what they think about the now infamous God of War "Bros before Hos" trophy, and if they think it should have been changed, or if it was simply self-imposed censorship, pandering to a loud minority.

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Beetey1831d ago

Strange. I got the impression that Kratos loves women.

Derekvinyard131831d ago

How many people has kratos killed? No one cared about killing the snake women in 3

Nimblest-Assassin1830d ago

I find it humorous how some of these critics are spinning that "kratos stomps the face of a defenseless woman"

and then start faulting SSM for being misogynistic, despite

1) The studio head is a woman
2) The games have been written by a woman
3) SSM has a close to even male:female ratio

and don't get me started on the defenseless BS

AznGaara1830d ago

Kratos hates women! He hates them so much that he doesn't even care about his wife and daughter being killed or the God that made him kill them... oh wait

I guess Tomb Raider is a man-hating game then.

Army_of_Darkness1830d ago

I wouldn't pick a hoe over my bro. That would be stupid.

Skips1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

LOL so true.


Agreed, that "WOMAN" was nowhere near defenseless. LMAO

Sorta reminds me of this.


Kratos is indiscriminate when it comes to killing. If you harm him in anyway, doesn't matter whether you're a male or female, you gonna get OWNED!

Ashunderfire861830d ago

You going to Jail now!!!!! Your going to Jail Now!!!! Your going to Jail... Cccccombo Breaker!!!!

Watch the video to know the reason why I am saying this lol!!!

doctorstrange1831d ago

Kratos hates everyone - women, men, children, gods, telemarketers.

Nimblest-Assassin1830d ago

To be fair... everyone hates telemarketers

AnotherProGamer1831d ago

man everyone is over-sensitive now a days

1830d ago
arbitor3651831d ago


tears a guy's head off while he is screaming in agony. no one cares

uses the word "hoe" (actually, im sorry. a trophy uses the word "hoe"). its a total outrage!

and feminists wonder why they are considered a knee-jerk, special interest group

PopRocks3591831d ago

I think you're referring to feminazis. A true feminist wants to see equality, not special interest.

Besides, I don't think there is anyone trying to say that Kratos or the game he is in is sexist, but that the trophy in context to the scene in which you earn it comes off as misogynistic.

PopRocks3591831d ago

Is that in reference to the first part or the second?

If it's the first then you don't really know the definition of feminism.

If it's the second, I'm not saying I think it's misogynistic, but I can see where an outside point of view may get the idea. The phrase "bros before hoes" is not exactly female-friendly.

Understand the context before clicking that disagree button please.

princeofthabay1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

It was too the second part, where you said in terms of the scene. Idk if you played the game or actually watched the scene but, it does makes perfect sense.Orkos chooses to save Kratos over helping the furies, I know its not the most mature trophy title but it makes sense. Oh and FYI I wasn't one of the two people that hit the dislike on your comment, i was how ever the third to see if i was one of the two.

Irishguy951830d ago

Please don't associate Adam Sessler with Feminists...he's just a lonely man who wants his bit

TongkatAli1830d ago

It's obvious you haven't played the game, shhh.

MariaHelFutura1830d ago

Women should start playing in the NFL then.....

PopRocks3591830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


Clearly you didn't read my comments saying I don't think the game is misogynistic. And for your information, I've played the demo plus ever GOW game leading up to it sans the PSP games.


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