Dungeon Defenders II announced If you guys don't know me very well, I'm one of the very few hardcore tower defense fans out there that is adamant about letting the world know how awesome they really are. Heck, Dungeon Defenders was the first game that I ever did a fully-fledged video review. Well earlier today, Trendy Entertainment has announced that they are working on a second game in the series.

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Sharius2012d ago

IIRC i have the 1st one free from PS+, but don't have time play yet, maybe i'll try this out

brish2012d ago

I got it from ps+ as well and I have tried it.

It's interesting. It's a tower defense game with some rpg character building in it.

You can level, collect loot, and customize character stats. As you become stronger you can take on more difficult maps.

It seemed like an odd combination of game types but it works and is a lot of fun.

3-4-52012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I played the first game on Xbox live when it was released for probably a month.

It's fun and really addicting. The art style is nice and the amount of different loot was nice. Not as much as Borderlands or Torchlight but it was a nice mix.

Can't wait for this game, the first was awesome. I never played the DLC for it though.

Edit: And It's Free ?! And there is a MOBA mode ?

Everything I've wanted them to change in the game seems to have been made. Can't wait !

PulpoTonto2012d ago

Dungeon Defenders is a fantastic game, I happily sunk about 50 hours into it. Would happily buy a sequel!

Dakriz2012d ago

Perfect I have all the version of the game from mobile to console to the king PC version now if they release this on my vita oh I'll be a happy camper.