Polytron Talks Fez on Vita and PSN: Is "Working with Sony Trying to Figure Something out"

With the announcement today that Fez would be coming to Steam on May 1st, ending the XBLA exclusivity, a question no doubt on many people’s minds was, “Is Fez coming to PlayStation?”

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doctorstrange1945d ago

That means it's coming, right? Right?

TrendyGamers1945d ago

I wouldn't mind buying this for my Vita.

dbjj120881945d ago

He's probably thinking "how can I get Sony to foot the bill?" Cheap arse Phil Fish never fixed the game on Xbox 360 and my game save is still corrupted.

Ron_Danger1945d ago

Watch the documentary "Indigamer" on Netflix. He's just a whiny hipster. He created all his own problems by being a one man team and then cried and talked about killing himself.

I respect the Team Meat guys though. Microsoft screwed them over right before launch and you get to see it all unfold in realtime in the doc.

1945d ago
takohma1945d ago

Yeah that guy was going crazy all because the store didn't update. lol

On topic I want this on my Vita. if it comes over to "Life" I hope they fix what ever bugs that I heard it had.

Tiqila1945d ago

always wanted to play this.

a _working_ copy on psn will be a definite buy for me

EvilFluff911945d ago

@ dbjj12088

He never fixed the Xbox version because Microsoft charges developers a lot of money to upload a patch, Polytron is an extremely small company Phil Fish pretty much single handedly developed Fez.

Dark_Overlord1944d ago

The problem is the free patch which he was allowed (both Sony and MS allow the 1st patch for free) is what broke the game, so yes he should stump up the cash for a patch that fixes what he broke.

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The story is too old to be commented.