Top 5 Best Video Game Duos

What’s a hero without a sidekick? In almost every video game the main character has some kind of supporting character to help them along their way. Rather that supporting character be someone who is stuck to the other character the whole game or someone who pops up in a time of need. These character are some of the reasons why we fall in love with certain games.

Throughout gaming there have been a lot of characters that have grown near and dear to our hearts; not only for who they are but for who is there next to them providing support every step of the way. Dynamic duos are not uncommon in gaming. Out of all the great choices, what can we consider the top 5 best duos in gaming?

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TheSuperior 1975d ago

My favorite duo is Link and Navi. So many people say shes annoying but i dont mind the "Hey listen" thing. I was little the first time i played through it and that "hey listen" helpped me out a lot x) lol

Derekvinyard131975d ago

Can't believe she put the darkness on this list, loved that game

Kyosuke_Sanada1975d ago

Garcian Hotspur and Johnson needs to be mentioned.

caseh1975d ago

Captain Price and Soap for the win. :D

The only missions I actually enjoyed in the campaigns were the SAS ones, and thats primarily down to how much of a geezer Price is. :D

FlyingFoxy1975d ago

You forgot Sonic & Tails, also been there as early as Mario.. fail list.

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