E3 Predictions 2013: Nintendo

It’s never ideal to lose exclusives, it’s even worse when you’re a brand new console just bursting on the scene. Now with Rayman Legends and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge going multiplatform, and several other third-party games mostly backing the other consoles, it’s become hard to justify a Nintendo Wii U purchase.

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kirbyu2010d ago

A new IP developed by Game Freak? Wasn't such a thing being released in 10 days? Oh that's right, it is. I don't get why everyone complains about Nintendo not making new IPs, although it's not the majority of what they do, and they don't do it nearly as much as other companies do, they still do alot.

--Onilink--2010d ago

I think Nintendo will have a really amazing E3. There are a lot of games we know are coming in the second half of the year with plenty more that are sure to ve announced.

I find it idiotic to judge a console just on the first 4-6 months, its that the case, all consoles would have been terrible, there is always a software drought after lunch. As for the 3rd party stuff, it has been an issue since the N64 and nintendo is still here, i do feel that Nintendo is trying to get more support but a lot of devs are kinda biased and wont even try to release their games. But there are always going to be some great 3rd party effort and amazing 1st party games. And as a multi console/PC owner, i dont have to worry about 3rd party games anyway

MNGamer-N2010d ago

What I find exciting, is that instead of Nintendo focusing on hardware this year, they will be focusing on games. All games. Lots of games. And that's what we all want at this point, so I think it will be great.

ZeekQuattro2010d ago

I have no doubt this will be an E3 to remember. I hope it surpasses the Twilight Princess reveal years ago. Seeing the trailer as well as the crowd reaction was amazing. I too expect Retro to reveal that they are working on another Metroid game. They did such a great job on the Prime series and I hope they continue to support the series in some way.

Game0N2010d ago

They really need to bring it this year.

XXXL2010d ago

Hopefully Nintendo will have the VC with remote gamepad play up and running by then. Thats the one thing that has pissed me off since day one about the Wii U.

ZeekQuattro2010d ago

The April update is supposed to not only be about speeding up the OS but adding VC service at least for NES and SNES software. Other than that I've heard nothing more.

XXXL2009d ago

Cool. Thats a start. Hopefully it'll be the complete library. Would love to see earthbound added but I highly doubt it

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