Heart of the Swarm brings lack of imagination to a well-designed StarCraft II | GamesBeat review

Even with a new Zerg campaign and seven additional units for multiplayer, this expansion feels like retreading similar -- albeit well-designed -- ground.

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Tolkoto1982d ago

Lack of imagination seems to be general problem these days.

Sadie21001982d ago

Not too surprising. It's a strange business model, after all.

JeffGrubb1982d ago

I'm sure the fans are going to love this stuff, but as someone not already part of the cult, this doesn't appeal to me.

deantak1982d ago

It's a new experience for me to play the Zerg in a campaign. Makes it easier to understand how to oppose them in multiplayer.

Psychotica1982d ago

SC2 can be a fun game but I am always amazed at how popular it is. When I play it it doesn't seem to much different than Command and Conquer so it doesn't keep me interested for very long.

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The story is too old to be commented.