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STFUandPLAY's Tony Polanco writes:

"The God Of War franchise, once one of the strongest in the gaming world has finally stumbled. While God Of War: Ascension is technically a good game, it falls well below the standards set by previous entries in the series."

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mayberry1979d ago

I personally did not find the controls to be "unresponsive" at all, and the new "counter" move was easy to get the hang of and imho, it was needed in order to expand the move so as to affect more enemy attacks than in previous games. Even though "no one asked for it", the multi-player is great, and enhances the game greatly. The story is also very good for a "hack/slash" type of game.

ziggurcat1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

i've found the evading to be a little unresponsive, actually.

what is this "counter" move? i'm only a few chapters away from the platinum, and i've yet to experience that. i think i accidentally parried once, but i have no idea what the specific timing is compared to the other GOW games...

and multiplayer wasn't even necessary, imo. having played the MP demo, it did nothing but confirm how bad of an idea it was to include it into the game, made worse by the fact that it's set up like an arena brawler (which i can't stand).

i love this game, though - the sheer scale of everything compared to the previous installments is quite astounding. i can't wait to see what they do with the franchise on PS4, if this is what they're able to accomplish on PS3...

@ Derekvinyard13

GOW3 was pretty epic, and it certainly set the bar pretty high.

Derekvinyard131979d ago

Thing is, GOW 3 set the bar so dam high it was hard to beat it

vividi1979d ago

I am in love with the multiplayer, it is a lot of fun, but people must practice to get the hang of it

VonBraunschweigg1979d ago

Counter move, or parry: L1 and X, needs to be unlocked first by upgrading your blades (no element) early in the game, I think it's the 1st or 2nd upgrade.

Timing is required of course, you gotta be quick. Enemy attacks are highlighted, just look at their weapons. On time it's a little slowmo followed by whatever move you pull of next, too early leaves you in defense, too late means you get hit. The timing gets more precise on higher difficulties. You can only parry attacks you can defend against, so not everything.

Imo there's nothing wrong with it.

abzdine1979d ago

this game is sick! screw the haters!

VonBraunschweigg1979d ago

I played & replayed all God of War games with a big smile on my face and with Ascencion it's the same, and I haven't touched the multiplayer yet. It's hard to believe some franchises with a yearly rehash get a free pass yet 3 years of work on Ascension gets so many harsh reviews.

It's a classic God of War game that ticks all the right boxes, the combat feels tight and very satisfying, the bloody violence is there the way it should be, the graphics are even better than GoW3...only the story is not what I hoped for, with a prequel I expected to start ad a captain in the Spartan Army all the way to the moment you're betrayed by Ares, but do I really care? No, because everything else is so good. It's just a blast to kill your way through the game, I didn't even mind setting the difficulty to Hard, something I didn't do with part 3 that lasted less than 10 hours and never got me hooked. If you're any good in these types of games you just have to make sure you set the bar yourself to make sure you're challenged in a normal way. These type of expensive games aren't just made for the fans anymore, newcomers should be able to enjoy them as well, hence Normal is too easy for a veteran fan. And fans should know this by now. For me, on Hard, everything falls in place. I freaking love this game!

PersonaCat1979d ago

As someone who was upset with the inclusion of multiplayer in GOW, I have to say it's probably the most fun I've had with an online game in a LONG time. IF you haven't had the chance to try or just believe that GOW shouldn't have an online component, I encourage you to try it.

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