Rumor: Wonderful 101 listed as 'coming soon' in eShop, release date imminent?

A lot of people are eagerly anticipating Platinum Games new Wii U game The Wonderful 101. Now the game is being listed in the Wii U eShop as 'coming soon'. Perhaps this means the game is closer to release than most think?

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PopRocks3591977d ago

The sooner the better, I say. The Wii U needs some exclusive software, and I know at least a few people who have been itching for this game.

darthv721977d ago

the the 90's arcade racer are my two anticipated titles for wii-u.

ZeekQuattro1977d ago

I certainly hope so. April is looking kinda dull at the moment besides Injustice.

kamikazepikmin1977d ago

wii should be getting a direct pretty soon announcing the release date for this game as well as pikmin 3

Nevers0ft1977d ago

I know the Wii U release schedule is a little sparse but I hope this and Pikmin 3 don't release too close together. I know they're different games but on the surface they're similar enough to possibly gouge each others sales.

Personally I'm more interested in this than Pikmin though.