Why You Should Give A Shit About Misogyny In Gaming

Karl explains why things need to change in gaming before we stop being viewed as a misogynistic community.

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kamauhigh2017d ago

"Would you be willing to say how much you love Ni no Kuni to a girl you just met at Sainsburys, would you be willing to say that you spend 5 hours every friday shooting people in the face in Call of Duty in a job interview, if they asked how you like to unwind"

No, but I also wouldn't feel comfortable telling a stranger I spent the weekend reading "In Cold Blood," watching "Friday the 13th" or visiting my grandmother's gravestone. Are any of those thing somehow more appropriate?

TheoreticalParticle2017d ago

Seriously, a girl I met at Sainsburys!? Why the heck would I be talking to a Sainsburys girl about games? Everyone knows that's not what Sainburys girls are into.

(LOL at article writer guy who thinks he's going to be having in-depth video game conversations with a girl at a grocery store.)

rainslacker2017d ago

All that stuff about telling a girl you just met about liking games probably won't get done anyways because of the social stigma that is attached to video games in general, and has nothing to do with sexism or misogyny in video games.

To turn things around on the many women are going to tell a guy that they play WOW every Tuesday when the servers reset, and go all hardcore into their raids. None, again, because of the social stigma attached to video games.

Anyhow, when meeting new people I generally don't jump straight to what my hobbies are...I tend to ask them more about themselves and try to show interest in getting to know them. Quite often women can be just as interested in games as guys.

jakmckratos2017d ago

Whoever this Miss Ogyny lady is needs to gtfo out of my video games and just let me enjoy them for what they are!!!! Seriously a fictional game which contains sometimes irreverent and absurd content should ALWAYS be taken seriously!!

aLucidMind2017d ago

Not a single game I've played had a single instance of misogyny, and I've played close to 100 games from this generation alone. Sure, I've seen some pretty bad characterizations of women (usually overly fixating on stereotypes) AND of men but never have I seen misogyny or misandry.

Maybe people need to stop incorrectly assuming everything is misogynistic when they don't know the damn word. Crack a dictionary before using a word you don't know, or prepare to be pointed out as a shining example of an idiot trying to sound intelligent.

BuffMordecai2017d ago

How unprofessional to use bad language in a title.

OmniSlashPT2017d ago

When this guy has Anita as his personal idol you can understand how bad his thinking is. Anita actually made the campaign herself by posting it to 4chan and such so she could record reactions and then use them in her kickstarter to brainwash people like you in order to believe there is something wrong with gaming. Besides, she disabled comments in her new series which was funded by everyone, but somehow no one can have an opinion (when she defends equality, how ironic).

This pro-feminism articles (there is no equality in his words or Anitas') are getting ridiculous and are targeting gaming the same way the gun companies are, because gaming is too young, to weak to have a proper response and the internet sometimes is not the best way to judge the industry.

I wonder if Anita went to talk to Miyamoto, Kojima, Cliff or Molyneux to see their reactions to all her talk about misogyny and machism in videogames.

And to be honest, I've seen some sweet moments between online gamers and girls. Somehow everyone tries to help a girl in online games (eventhough she probably doesnt need help) on contrary to the popular belief that all we do is insulting her and harassing her. Unless you're a douche, and thats stereotyping the gamers, which is the opposite of what feminism and equality stand for.

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