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GR-UK writes: "It's a game built more for teams of adventurers than the lone wolf, as not only does the rock, scissors, paper dynamic between monster and hunter weapon types enforce the need for variety to quicken the downing of foes, but it also forestalls the grind in tackling the boss fights that are otherwise the highlight of the game. It's not uncommon to be hacking at the shins of some vast behemoth for over twenty minutes on your lonesome. Time then to invest in some friendly comrades-in-arms; the game supports online and local multiplayer for both the Wii U and 3DS versions (though you'll obviously need a few 3DS units to get a local party going)."

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Irishguy951892d ago

Is this the same one that was on the Wii except in HD?

admiralvic1892d ago

It also got improvements, DLC, etc, but to a degree.. yes.

Old McGroin1892d ago

Yup but with extra monsters (think I read somewhere that 28 monsters have been drafted in from previous games), 1 extra area and a load of new quests on top of all the content from the the Wii original. And there's going to be DLC too so all in all a person could lose themselves in this game for hundreds of hours which is exactly what I'm planning on doing!

thaimasker1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

It has 33 bosses that weren't in the wii version and alot more.

Old McGroin1892d ago

Here's more info from Wii U Daily:

"There are 339 new quests not counting free DLC quests and 2042 pieces of new equipment in the game, with each category of weapon having over 50+ new incarnations. That brings the total number of weapons in the game up to 1398. There are also 1028 new armor pieces, bringing the grand total up to 1663.
There are also three new areas for monster hunters to explore, including The Tower, Misty Peaks and the Tainted Sea."

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sdozzo1892d ago

Put on PS3 and Vita and I'm in!

MNGamer-N1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Buy a WiiU or 3ds and you're in!

RTheRebel1892d ago

looks like the drones disagree with you

sdozzo1890d ago

I have one of them on Vita, but it looks a little dated. I was hoping for updated graphics, etc.

Blacktric1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

PSP and PS3 already has Portable 3rd (and you have the option to play the fan translated version on PSP if you don't know Japanese). You really don't need a different iteration of the same game. If you really want a Monster Hunter game on Vita, then go for MH 4.

On topic; I'm currently playing Monster Hunter Tri on Dolphin emulator and having a blast. It looks like I'll finally be getting a 3DS just to be able to play Ultimate.

Morpheuzpr1892d ago

I bought a Wii just for MH Tri and I have to say it was a disappointment. MHFU was the best MH IMO.

blastermaster771892d ago

That is stupid, only thinking on a brand, just plain stupid

MNGamer-N1892d ago

I preordered this one, It'll be nice to give it a whirl.

BLKxSEPTEMBER1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

cant wait til tonite! umm i think my wii u tag is dee, lol im not sure. add me if anyone wants to hunt!!!

Siren301892d ago

Been playing the demo on the 3ds and enjoying it. I just wish they would add true online co op for it since I don't own a wii u and don't know anyone else with a 3ds to play with

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