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Will You Use the PlayStation 4's Video Sharing Features?

Push Square: "Sony went out of its way to sell the PlayStation 4 as a social platform during last month’s PlayStation Meeting press conference. It described in painstaking detail the manner in which you’ll be able to save screenshots to the PlayStation Network, watch videos recorded by your friends, and even share your own personal gameplay clips. But while they’re all undoubtedly nifty features, will you actually use them?" (PS4)

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GalacticEmpire  +   932d ago
It's a bit like before LittleBigPlanet launched nobody had any idea how the Playstation community would use the tools available to them but once it got out there people went crazy with it. Millions of levels later you can see the effect giving creative tools to a commuinity can have.

The video streaming is the kind of thing which you can't really think when you would use it until the situation arises. Once people grasp the possibilities I can see it becoming one of those things that will be hard to live without afterward.
Snookies12  +   932d ago
Uh... Yes. This effectively eliminates the need for video recording software. You don't have to spend 100+ dollars on that to share gaming stories with your friends now, just hit the Share button and there you go. It's like Just Cause 2's video capture feature on the PS3. That was amazing to have, and now essentially every game will have that thanks to this button. I'm extremely excited for it.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   931d ago
Well said, you will save allot of money and don't have to worry about extra annoying equipment.

One single press of a button is all takes. unless...some people need to read the Manuel to figure it out...
majiebeast  +   932d ago
Streaming is unbelievably popular just look at twitchtv.
Sarobi  +   932d ago
I always wanted to stream/record walkthroughs and such.. so this will be pretty handy.
ANIALATOR136  +   932d ago
I'm going to annoy my non gaming facebook friends with my shared ps4 videos muhaha
GiggMan  +   932d ago
OlgerO  +   932d ago
This is why I think the consoles will sell well. People will be bombarded with these great gameplay moments and will want to be in on the action
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mrmancs  +   932d ago
100% i'm a good game player :)
jagstatboy  +   932d ago
_LarZen_  +   932d ago
yesmynameissumo  +   932d ago
Yup. Why wouldn't I?
Godmars290  +   932d ago
Pretty sure I'm not buying a PS4 until I see some JRPGs and/or a Star Fox rip-off. I'm tired of all this real-time, real-world gritty reality.
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HmongAmerican  +   932d ago
You're not the only one. I like the fantasy side of JRPGs. The reason I stop purchase games was because I see to often shooters everywhere.
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Muerte2494  +   932d ago
I think everyone....
can agree that JRPG's aren't what they used to be (at least final fantasy). But I respect your decision. I will be buying ps4 day one. Hopefully Sony sony will have a day one gem like stardust HD in the PSN store. I still do hope to see come compelling launch titles outside of shooters. Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, and ect have yet to show what they've been working on.
Minato-Namikaze  +   932d ago
buy ni no kuni, sly cooper, valkyrie chronicles, tales of xillia, white knight chornicles, demons souls, or even journey, and anything in the pixeljunk series
Godmars290  +   932d ago

Not talking about the current console generation, but the next.

Besides if we're talking disappointment, failure to use hardware ad be nothing but less than typical, that would be WKC.
Minato-Namikaze  +   932d ago
My mistake. But having put 550 hours into WKC and 450 hours into WKC2. Those games were alot better than people gave it credit for.
Godmars290  +   932d ago
But did you play it for the SP, or the PS0-type multiplayer?
Afreelunch  +   932d ago
Battlefield 4 + PS4 is going to account for 20% of all youtube videos by 2015.
MakiSaad2  +   932d ago
Hell Yeah
Yo Mama  +   932d ago
If you play COD a lot, then you will be using this uploading feature regularly to showcase unfair laggy deaths and awesome kills. But, mostly unfair laggy deaths.
HiddenMission  +   932d ago
That's a hell to the yes. I love sharing more reactions to a game for others to share.

Not everyone can buy every game so if watching me play a game will help others decide if they will pick it up then hell yes I will use it.
sdozzo  +   932d ago
Studio-YaMi  +   932d ago
Don't think I would but I know many of my friends who are going to have a blast with this feature.

But who knows,I might try it and like it eventually ?
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SonyNGP  +   932d ago
Video sharing? Maybe.

Streaming? Nope. Ustream is blocked where I live, and I'd rather use Livestream or Twitch with my Elgato Game Capture HD. Let's just hope Sony don't fully lock out HDMI with that retarded HDCP crap again.
Donnieboi  +   932d ago
Blocked? Where? And why?
SonyNGP  +   932d ago
Bahrain. Some dingus decided it was a good idea to broadcast some protesting and whatnot, and our lulzy damage controlling gonvernment decided to block the whole website because of it, alongside Justin.tv

Fortunately, Livestream and Twitch still work fine.
cannon8800  +   932d ago
I think I will as well. But not all the time.
labaronx  +   932d ago
You bet especially when:
i come back and win from 20 pts down in madden against my greatest rivals (cousins) bam straight on their facebook walls

when i throw a no hitter in mlb 14 the show

an intense game of nhl

many great applications i can think of
mostly ultimate bragging rights.... you can deny all u want to but here it is lol
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Jakens  +   931d ago
When was it said that you could record over a minute of video? or sadly said tha you could less than a minute.
MasterCornholio  +   932d ago
I'll use it to make people extremely jealous of my gear (example Borderlands, Diabolo 3 etc)

Heck when I own one of those annoying brats in a multiplayer game I will post it on YouTube.

Or if I run into a game breaking bug I'll just post it in YouTube to incentivate the devs to solve it.

Motorola RAZR i
Fyflin  +   932d ago
I'm looking forward to having a play around with it but I don't know how much I'll actually use it after the initial novelty wears off, time will tell.

Using OnLive for the first time was amazing though, being able to watch other people playing in real time with no loading whatsoever was a genuine wow moment. I'm hoping that being able to see what your friends are playing is just as easy on the PS4.
LOL_WUT  +   932d ago
Yes, I plan to use it intensively for a BF4 sniping shots montage. Low scope on a bolt sniper ;)
KwietStorm  +   932d ago
Going for originality I see....
Nineball2112  +   932d ago
I doubt I'll use it, but who knows. I just consider it another optional feature. Great that it's there, but I don't see the need for it. Maybe that'll change...
maniacmayhem  +   932d ago
This will go over well with the fighting community. I can see a lot of people recording their matches and uploading them. That is if they port SF4 over somehow.
MoreRPG  +   932d ago
Couldnt care less about video sharing im in for the games
MultiConsoleGamer  +   932d ago
Video sharing? Absolutely.

Facebook sharing? Never.
SatanSki  +   932d ago
Unlikely. What for?
KwietStorm  +   932d ago
Short answer, yes. Long answer, I sincerely hope you can share to YouTube.
fabod86  +   932d ago
Why not? :)
JW1080  +   932d ago
I doubt I will use it. But I'll never say never. I always welcome any new features and options with welcome arms. I like the idea that you can take over someones game to help them through if they are having a tough time. I may never use that feature. But I appreciate the idea of these features. Constantly seeking to enhance video gaming. It's technology and I love it.
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