Will You Use the PlayStation 4's Video Sharing Features?

Push Square: "Sony went out of its way to sell the PlayStation 4 as a social platform during last month’s PlayStation Meeting press conference. It described in painstaking detail the manner in which you’ll be able to save screenshots to the PlayStation Network, watch videos recorded by your friends, and even share your own personal gameplay clips. But while they’re all undoubtedly nifty features, will you actually use them?"

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GalacticEmpire1976d ago

It's a bit like before LittleBigPlanet launched nobody had any idea how the Playstation community would use the tools available to them but once it got out there people went crazy with it. Millions of levels later you can see the effect giving creative tools to a commuinity can have.

The video streaming is the kind of thing which you can't really think when you would use it until the situation arises. Once people grasp the possibilities I can see it becoming one of those things that will be hard to live without afterward.

Snookies121976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Uh... Yes. This effectively eliminates the need for video recording software. You don't have to spend 100+ dollars on that to share gaming stories with your friends now, just hit the Share button and there you go. It's like Just Cause 2's video capture feature on the PS3. That was amazing to have, and now essentially every game will have that thanks to this button. I'm extremely excited for it.

AngelicIceDiamond1975d ago

Well said, you will save allot of money and don't have to worry about extra annoying equipment.

One single press of a button is all takes. unless...some people need to read the Manuel to figure it out...

majiebeast1976d ago

Streaming is unbelievably popular just look at twitchtv.

Sarobi1976d ago

I always wanted to stream/record walkthroughs and such.. so this will be pretty handy.

ANIALATOR1361976d ago

I'm going to annoy my non gaming facebook friends with my shared ps4 videos muhaha

OlgerO1976d ago

This is why I think the consoles will sell well. People will be bombarded with these great gameplay moments and will want to be in on the action

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mrmancs1976d ago

100% i'm a good game player :)

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