Electronic Arts Defends "Freemium" Games

"Electronic Arts says the success of the iOS game Real Racing 3 means "the market has spoken" on free-to-play games."

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NYC_Gamer2016d ago

EA will always defend greedy business tactics

zerocrossing2016d ago

EA is pretty much nothing but greedy business tactics, that's partly why they end up killing off popular IP's.

Anon19742015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

How is this greedy? The race to the bottom is over. Pretty much 90% of mobile games are free and that's what people have come to expect.

Developers have to eat and pay their bills, so what else are they supposed to do when staring down a marketplace loaded with free games? There are certainly people willing to pay for games without transactions, ads, etc...but they're by far the minority. And if gamers support it, how is it wrong?

zerocrossing2015d ago

The vast majority of console gamers aren't interested in free to play games, the free to play business model isn't being implemented by EA because it's really necessary, but because it's profitable, hence EA are greedy.

Anyway if EA can't be considered greedy for this then sure can be for ton of other stuff, IMO.

Anon19742015d ago

Who said anything about console games?

Kyosuke_Sanada2015d ago

For free to play games of course, for anything else of course not.......