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Godchild10201978d ago

I would have liked to see Disney Infinity on the Vita instead. I guess we can see another bundle for the Vita during the holidays with this game inside.

This game better be priced at 29.99 or the game will not sell.

jukins1978d ago

it better be free on ps+ haha

SoundGamer1978d ago

SCEE is porting and publishing the game, so I guess that's why we're seeing this and not Disney Infinity.

Godchild10201978d ago

Thanks for the info, I guess we can expect a better version on the Vita.

Kingthrash3601978d ago


Paul_Murphy1978d ago

The EU PS Blog updated with a few extra details, the obvious use of the touch screen, tilt controls for driving and a wifi co-op mode.

OlgerO1978d ago

I hope sony didnt pay any money for this. This is one horrible game

EffectO1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )


Who is porting this?
Epic Mickey dev is history.

Sony is doing it,weird
thx SoundGamer

SoundGamer1978d ago

EU PS Blog confirmed that Sony is porting and publishing the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.