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Darkstalkers is a really underappreciated series. Sure, it's getting some of its due in this re-release of Night Warriors and DS3 at the moment, and that's great, but there's something special about this series that's been lost over the years. And the reason for that is because many of the characters have transferred into other games. The crossover from the Darkstalkers universe into many of Capcom's other, more prominent fighting games—like Puzzle Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom, to name a few—has left enough gamers wondering where so many of these characters came from, a la the mass exodus from SNK's titles to the King of Fighters franchise.

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dbjj120882016d ago

I'm having a ton of fun with this online. The old-school arcade effect is force.

Wedge192016d ago

I'm over fighting games. I always get so excited for them and then the end up letting me down. For what it's worth though, this does look fun.

Donnieboi2016d ago

Yeah fighters now are all about infinite air combos, unblockable combos and other crap. It's no longer about timing, spacing, defense, dodging, etc. Y'know, the stuff that requires using your brain. Now it's all about memorizing infinite combos. Even if u take the 2 best fighting game players in the world, the match would still only boil down to whoever can lock the other player into their unstoppable air juggle. All it takes is for the first hit in that combo to connect, and the victimized player might as well put the controller down because the fight is as good as over.

knifefight2015d ago

Probably my favorite fighting series. Love the characters and moves. I'll get this because I tend to get everything Darkstalkers ^_^