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GR-UK writes: "And that's what Judgment feels tailored towards: the social. These tweaks suggest it is less about introducing new players to the franchise, and more the chance of one last get-together for those of us that have been with the series since the beginning. People Can Fly know exactly who's coming to the party."

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maniacmayhem1949d ago

Gears of War is kind of like CoD. You don't play it for its story but for the multiplayer.

I'm enjoying the Beta so far and can't wait for the release tomorrow.

esemce1949d ago

BS I buy COD and Gears for both SP and MP/CO-OP if it was always only about MP then why pay full price.

silvacrest1949d ago

if your paying full price you should get a FULL game

nuff said

otherZinc1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

That's bul**hit! I buy Gears for the single player, campaign co-op, Horde Mode, & Horde Co-op.

Also, the story is good and the dialogue is hilarious, yet serious.

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