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Submitted by Hitman0769 1057d ago | podcast

Xbox 720: Horsepower Not Necessary, Originality King Next Gen

RGN writes, "In this weekly installment of the RealGamerNewz Podcast we get together to discuss all things Microsoft as the heavily talked about Xbox 720 reveal approaches (or so we hope). New developments such as the specs of the Xbox 720′s RAM and architecture as well as its functionality for mobile devices and media services." (Xbox One)

PhiMattic  +   1057d ago
Sounds like an interesting podcast. Looking forward to listening to this.
Spinal  +   1057d ago
If Microsoft keep focusing on kinect they will certainly be trailing behind next gen.

I've already decided that other than my PC which is my primary platform the PS4 is the only platform ill have. I don't need to play the next gears and halo games. I didn't play the last ones to come out.
Why o why  +   1057d ago
im hoping the relative success of kinect doesnt sway ms from their true here.. They must srike a better balance in my honest opinion. They have the means and the ips so why not. The power may not be the be all and end all... Its like European cars vs American ones. Horesepower vs refinement. There are many European cars that outperform their more powerful larger litre US counterparts. Eficency, optimisation could and talent could be more important... Time will tell
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Blackdeath_663  +   1057d ago
@Why o why
your european vs american car analogy doesn't work since european cars are better in every way, shape and form.

anyway on topic, i cant agree with you more. the things that turn me away from the next xbox is MS's focus on kinect,lack luster exclusives games library and moving towards making the xbox a livingroom tool. i am looking to buy a games console NOT a tool for my living room. things that would make me not even consider getting the next xbox are paying for the privilege of using my internet connection and constant internet and/or constant kinect connection. if any of those things are implemented i won't even think about getting an xbox likewise for ps4 (although it has already been confirmed that you don't require a constant internet connection for the ps4.)
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ALLWRONG  +   1057d ago
"If Microsoft keep focusing on kinect they will certainly be trailing behind next gen."

As well as Sony with it's Kinect wannabe device, Wonderbook, and Move.
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PoSTedUP  +   1057d ago
kinect could be the king of casuals this gen if done correctly. not my thing at all but i do see money in the project. maybe trailing beind for the hardcore gamer tho.
CaulkSlap  +   1057d ago
Kinect won't succeed no matter how hard they push it. It would be one thing if 720 were launching with the Kinect as a brand new gimmick. It would have the Wiimote-like hype that sold the Wii. But it's really already been played out on the 360 and no one is going to care.

I just hope Microsoft pulls their heads out of their asses and has some core games outside of Halo/Gears/Forza. Xbox can't survive on these tired franchises alone. They'll lose their base to PS4 in a heartbeat without something new.
ALLWRONG  +   1057d ago
Yeah CaulkSlap because Sony is just so core with Move, Wonderbook, Kinect rip off, and all those great core titles they released since 2011 like Battle Royal and Journey.
stage88  +   1057d ago

Its every article with you, isn't it?
Come on people, bubble this guy down so we don't have to read his childish drivel.
BitbyDeath  +   1057d ago
@AllWrong, that Kinect rip-off has been around since the PS2, long before Kinect ever graced consoles.

Get out with your trolling.
Hydrolex  +   1057d ago
Next Gen is all for Sony to DOMINATE, I promise you that
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1056d ago
Ya, like they're trailing behind this gen dominating the most important place for game sales, and the biggest nation for game sales. The USA.

You know, they've had no exclusives and focus on Kinect and don't care about core gamers all of a sudden, and yet Month after Month for 2 Years in a row and counting, they keep outselling the competition.

Must suck to be MS right now.
Mounce  +   1056d ago
I really can't see how Microsoft can be 'Originality' with Kinect or with their 1st-party studios....They have NOTHING compared to Sony, this much should be common sense. Sony has a shitload of studios under their belts that are experienced veterans. Microsoft doesn't have too many great studios, most of them make Kinect games like Rare.....

Microsoft being 'Original' just sounds hilariously impossible unless they were to go left and right and buy out companies, hell, they weren't even one to even consider buying Virgil Studios! They don't want to throw money recklessly this generation due to their losses of the current gen. Originality Costs. Sony's more experienced at doing this though.
Derekvinyard13  +   1057d ago
I hope they come up with new ip next gen, they really need something new
SilentNegotiator  +   1057d ago
Such pre-emptive damage control...

And just because Wii sold almost as well as ps2 because it targeted non-gamers, doesn't mean that the next gimmick will "make" the system.
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Tultras  +   1056d ago
The wii sold almost as well as the ps2??

What of weed are you smoking, boy?
showtimefolks  +   1057d ago
Yeh that makes sense, lets just say I can play the game on a gamepad or have a lot of kinect exercise and dance games because as gamers that's what we want

I believe that MS is not so stupid to not at least match Sony's offering. Next gen should be moving the tech forward,making game development easier and just making great core titles

Sony has shown their hand a bit we still don't know a lot, MS you can't think kinect 2 will win you next gen. Last3 years at E3 for MS have been the worst so it's time to remember why xbox360 was such a success early in even with RROD and that was because it had a lot of games and easy development tools

Nintendo is gonna be in 3rd this gen.

The competition is between ps4 and next Xbox. You can offer all the features but end of the day a gaming console Ned's games more than anything else
NYC_Gamer  +   1057d ago | Well said
I hope xbl becomes a real service that offers more then just being able to play online and cross-chat for 60 bucks
JRivera92   1057d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(8)
GiggMan  +   1057d ago
Well said.
tristanwerbe  +   1057d ago
I would like to some more features for gold membership
optimus  +   1057d ago
Why would an article promoting a podcast about basically all the news that was covered on n4g in the last week or so be approved??... I would understand if it was a podcast from n4g themselves by which case it wouldn't be an article but a link at the top of the site or something...ah well, i guess it's a slow news day.
DigitalSmoke  +   1057d ago
I want my GAMEING system to the best games out there, and Sony happens to make a ton of original exclusives i like.
Yes the device should stream movies and such, but going telivision is a huge step back, unless you're a 2 and a halve men or a friends freak.
blackstrr411  +   1057d ago
R.I.P English
Rumplebumpkin  +   1057d ago
English isn't everyone's first language. Give him a break, you can easily understand what he has typed.
SDF Repellent  +   1057d ago
Have fun with your GAMEING system of choice. LOL
XaviorZ   1057d ago | Spam
HmongAmerican  +   1057d ago
Can we all wait for MS to make the official announcement. These speculations is getting annoying everyday.
Godmars290  +   1057d ago
Screw all the hardware talk, we need games. Something more than FPS.
ichimaru  +   1057d ago
there are only 2 fps franchises I know of that sell well on 360. there are plenty of other genres
Perjoss  +   1057d ago
Only 1 thing is for sure, no matter how good XBL is for the NextBox any article that mentions it on N4G will still get trolled hard.
BitbyDeath  +   1057d ago
**Unless it becomes free**
Ripsta7th  +   1057d ago
Why is there even Ps fanboys commenting here, when someone says something bad about ps they get all angry like little girls but when xbl is the topic they gather like crazy
blackstrr411  +   1057d ago
@Rumplebumpkin I know, its not mine either. I saw an oppurtunity to use the meme and I did. Not to ridicule him. For people to giggle was read my comment. That is all
ziggurcat  +   1057d ago
after all the years of berating the PS3 for not being as "powerful", suddenly they're not concerned with power because the rumoured specs are weaker?

do these people not know that having more power leads to more innovation?
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PoSTedUP  +   1057d ago
that's not true, actually you dont need to have much power to be innovative at all. check out some of the most innovative games this gen, and then check out some of the power-house block busters.
ichimaru  +   1057d ago
"having more power leads to more innovation"
I want you to know that I am not insultiing you, and I know what you mean to say, but that taken as it is is the dumbest thing I've read today. Innovation derives from imagination not raw power. This is why games Okami, little big plannet and Journey are so creative. Neither of those games required excessive power but were all innovative in that they bought something New to gamers. Power may help achieve innovation, but the best innovation for some reason, happen to come from the simplistic of places.
CaulkSlap  +   1057d ago
More power will certainly help. 8 years is quite a long time and I think most people are underestimating how much 360/PS3 have been holding back developers. As a PC gamer it was very evident since 2007-8.

With every multiplat game these days the basic game is designed to run within 512MB ram and the other limitations of 360/PS3. 16GB ram and 3GB video card on PC only makes Skyrim prettier, not a deeper game. Just imagine how much deeper and more interactive Skyrim could be if it was designed ground up for 16 times the RAM and far better system stats.
bangshi  +   1057d ago
Unless the 720 has superior specs. In which case this would then be titled 'Xbox 720 has the most powerful console, wins next-gen'
Picnic  +   1057d ago
Microsoft need their very own 'Uncharted' and who better to attempt that than Rare? (although Good Science, who made Kinect Adventures, would be fine by me).
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honkayjeezus  +   1057d ago
You are asking Rare or Good Science to create a Microsoft Uncharted?

Is that a joke?
Picnic  +   1056d ago
No it's not a joke- Rare have got long history in creating both platform adventure games (Banjo Kazooie, Conker) and shooters (Perfect Dark).

The difference from Uncharted would be that I would expect Rare to be less gritty (haven't we got enough of that with some other developers?), more cartoony, and with more humourous, surreal, kinds of situations. Imagine- we could have something like a level set inside a whale a bit like Clanker's Cavern.
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yweiuoisdf   1057d ago | Spam
honkayjeezus  +   1057d ago
How is that working for the Wii U?

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