Why I don’t want the next generation of consoles

Metro - I’ve owned or had access to every console generation since the 8-bits. I also owned a Commodore 64 and dabbled with PC gaming in the 90s. My main platform this gen is a PlayStation 3, and I’ve also got a Wii and 3DS. I wasn’t excited about the PlayStation announcement and have now realised this is because I just want what I’ve got and don’t see a need for a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox 720 either. This is a very odd feeling since I’ve always wanted new hardware.

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chukamachine1893d ago

Let me guess metro, when the xbox720 gets announced you'll have a change of heart. I'll keep an eye on things.

PeaSFor1893d ago

"Why I don’t want the next generation of consoles"

again, WHY should we care about a random dude opinion on the internet?

they should rename N4G to B4G (BLOGS 4 gamers...)

anonymous923481893d ago

So why read and comment on it, if you don't care?

SatanSki1893d ago

Yeah. I dont read 90% of those so called articles linked here. People just writes random stuff to get hits. Zero value

brish1893d ago

"WHY should we care about a random dude opinion on the internet?"
- quote from some random dude on the internet

kirbyu1893d ago

Game reviews are opinions of some random guy on the internet. Have you ever read one of those? I'm sure you have.

fsfsxii1892d ago

I thought N4G meant: NOT 4 Gaming...

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Mr Pumblechook1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

...Gamers are looking forward to it and can't wait to enjoy it. Sure there are some great games still to come on PS3 and 360, but I still want the new experiences of next-gen. It's going to be an exciting year!

jeromjenkins1893d ago

I am excited about the next gen, and may buy at launch, but at the same time I agree with a lot of feelings the writer has. I do believe the next gen will become more and more innovative, or at least hoping so

Nevers1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

The main hold up I have is that it seems most of what we have been told (granted, very little at this point) regarding innovation this round is leaning more towards monetary acquisition, propriety, and non-gaming applications. So far, I have no reason to upgrade. It's early yet though... hopefully this changes.

Nevers1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Didn't mean to reply to myself, lol.

ILive1893d ago

What innovations are people looking for, really? People expect way too much from these consoles that it boggles the mind. Pcs have been way ahead of consoles, so why haven't they innovated. Seriously, what do people want?

Nevers1893d ago

It's probably too early to get this info; but hearing/seeing more about why these consoles are going to be fun will sell me on throwing $400+ down more than knowing how these consoles are going to revolutionize the way we purchase/receive games.

madjedi1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Thank you ilive

People have no idea what they want or what is innovative, it's a meaningless buzzward now.

I wish the word would go away, because i have seen very few things this gen i would define as innovative not wii mote, not kinect nor move.

A couple games utilised new techniques or focused on new gameplay concepts, but i dislike using the common sheep prases like innovative, innovation.

Because they have been so throughly ground down into nothing-ness by repeated and improper overuse. Especially by nintendo fans.

Godmars2901893d ago

I'm all for calling the 8th console generation 7.5 because the 7th was such a mess.

Tito081892d ago

Yeah man, wished it was like the 5th-6th generation. This gen wasn't anywhere as good. I give this gen a 5/10.

rainslacker1892d ago

Are you saying the 7th gen needs a reboot? I'd rather it just moves on and tries to do things better next gen. I've enjoyed quite a few games this gen, but overall there is a lot of stagnation in new games...outside some amazing exceptions of course.:)

Godmars2901892d ago

I'm saying that the 7th and current console cycle was rushed into without a full understanding of it's requirements. That on top of that it was tailored towards specific types of games. High profile and big budget as well as polygon and realtime. Anything below a AAA production became crippled because no one wanted to spend the extra money to make a B or C level title really work, but that didn't stop them from being made.

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