GameStop ad (3/20 – 3/26)

The latest GameStop ad has gone live, which includes DmC Devil May Cry for $40 starting on Wednesday.

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belac092012d ago

pre ordering soul hackers!!!1

DivineAssault 2012d ago

ehhh.. Im glad i supported persona at launch.. Hopefully it will encourage em to bring over more titles.. Great game & whoever didnt play it yet that has a vita, GO GET IT.. Awesome RPG

porkChop2012d ago

P4G worth $30? I played a bit of it on PS2, but never finished it. I got to the night/dream sequence with some girl in a red dress or something that I had to save. I've been wanting to get the game for my Vita but I'm not really sure about it.

zAlchemist2012d ago

i think imma get DMC FAWK YESS

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