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EuroGamer: "There are cats everywhere, countless dinners and silly dances, while grilling a Well-Done Steak triggers a woman's voice saying 'sooo tasty' - and by the time you craft that Gigginox vampire outfit, none of this seems disparate. Everything is of a piece, whole and entire, as if the developers set out to make exactly this game and succeeded. That doesn't mean it's flawless. It only means that, sometimes, it feels like it."

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Blastoise1945d ago

Will pick this up once I'm ready to invest in a Wii U

PopRocks3591945d ago

If you already have a 3DS then you probably ought to get that version for the time being. This is one of those franchises that deserves a great deal of support, I think.

Blastoise1945d ago

It's a great franchise, and I'll pick MH4 up day one. But the 3DS version doesn't have online and that's a major downside for me.

MelonSaurus1945d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but the 3DS version lacks online so its completely a single player experience. Kind of a bummer in comparison to previous monster hunter games.

chadboban1945d ago

So will I, for now I'm sticking with the 3DS version though.

C-Thunder1945d ago

I bought a WiiU just for this. Thinking about getting the 3ds version in an effort to get my wife hooked on it as well.

PopRocks3591945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

@Blastoise and MelonSaurus

True, true. Though for what it's worth, you can transfer your save between the two. And you can still play locally on the 3DS version (it can go online as well if/when you get the Wii U).


Try to get a team of hunters together. Multiplayer in a game of that nature might make the experience more enjoyable for you. Since playing Tri, I firmly believe that Monster Hunter should be played with friends since the pacing is a little sluggish and teamwork can make a game of its nature more fun.

DivineAssault 1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

buy a wii u right now dude.. This is one of its best games! Im buying the 3DS version when it drops in price.. Dont see myself playing it on the tv for hours..

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C-Thunder1945d ago

Glad to see this series getting scores it's deserved for years. Can't wait for work to be over tomorrow.

--Onilink--1945d ago

I got it on the Wii the 1st time, and couldn't quite get into it.. though it might have been more of a wii thing, one of those periods where i get kinda bored by a certain console, which actually happens every now and then for every console i have

So im not sure if I should invest on it again. I have the option for 3DS or WiiU, and im leaning more for the WiiU version

Anomander1945d ago

New to the series and had a hard time with the controls on the Demo. It didn't help that there was not tutorial either for the demo. I understand this was probably for more seasoned gamers on the game, but for those of use wanting something to get into it may not be as much fun. I think my biggest problem was the lack of a lock on when I am attacking a Monster.

admiralvic1945d ago

The game has a lock on system... it just isn't very good.

NightsWasted1945d ago

After dumbass tutorial quests and other small easier quests you should be able to adapt to the hardest control schemes.

Anomander1944d ago

That's good to hear. Once I get some gaming time freed up I'll have to check this one out.

PurpHerbison1945d ago

Monster Hunter has been on the same engine since PS2.

NightsWasted1945d ago

Okay.. true. Which I'm sorta upset by, but i still play no matter what graphics. Sorry it doesn't matter so much to me. Cus its that gooD!

rezzah1944d ago

I didn't know that...that's lame.

PurpHerbison1944d ago

This is why we never saw a PS3 release. We were supposed to get MH3 on PS3 and they scrapped it, turned it into MHTri, and released it on the Wii so it wouldn't be as noticeable that it is still on the same old engine.

rezzah1943d ago

I know about that event, I was waiting months for that release...

Your point is something new to me.

I considered the reason to be "more profit for less effort". We all know that the PS3 was the hardest console to develop on (more time to develop = more money), plus it had a ton of negativity in the media during those days.The PS3 struggled with sales in the early years while the Wii was always the highest selling console.

The choice for change could be viewed as greed, from consumer perspective, or a better business decision from a company's perspective.

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