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Postcard Review: Super Spam-the-whip IV

"You might think that headline will make it seem that I don’t like Super Castlevania IV, but don’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s quite honestly one of the biggest games that I have sadly undervalued in my gaming collection, primarily due to my inability to cope with the absence of a dash button.

But childish grievances aside, going back and playing this SNES title has been a pleasure. It has the tightest and most responsive controls I’ve encountered in a Castlevania game; I was hopping over skeletons and delivering well-placed axes to passing flying Medusa heads with ease. The eight-way multi-directional whip was also something that I really loved, as I was never one to use sub-weapons in my gaming experiences. Even if I had the all-consuming-fireball-of-doom spell, I would always prefer to power up my sword arm and whale on an enemy until I emerged the victor."

- Tom Farndon (Konami, Retro, Super Castlevania IV, Wii)

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