David Cage – Delusion and Disrespect

"Paul Butler says David Cage's statements about needing power to create emotion are false and that he is disrespectful to prior and current developers, as well as cinema."

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Godmars2901977d ago

I think Cage is as delusional and full of himself as the next gamer, but then everyone including him have become obsessive about system power. Devs with mindsets like Crytek are as bad if not worse then him because they've likely hurt the industry by their over-focus on graphics.

hay1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I do kinda miss those days where mainstream games were creative and innovative.
Technology is nice, but it goes as far as creating hottest old man in video game history without real creativity. 'Cause for the sake of photorealism games are pretending more and more to be something they have never been, instead of being its own thing.

SAE1977d ago

It's funny how you people says graphics isn't importent. From what i remember graphics was the first thing that we look forward in each generation. If graphics doesn't evolve in the game then it's just another game with just good gameplay and the other way around. I don't like to play minecraft because it looks ugly. I don't like playing Final fantasy because the gameplay sucks. You guys can't make graphics isn't importent. Mag shows that current generation can make what ever they want in gameplay if graphics sacrificed but it's not a game that makes me really excited and special. We need both for next generation. I'm glad sony don't look at n4g. People here don't know what's good for them -.-

Godmars2901977d ago

Graphics *ARE* important. the thing is this gen they've become the central focus. But instead of some older IPs striving for a balance we've seen too many remove features.

See FF13 and towns for an example.

morganfell1977d ago

Paul Butler, an untalented hack is disrespectful to David Cage.

Paul Butler, an individual who cannot fathom the creativity required to not only succeed in game development but to also produce land mark titles is disrespectful to the profession of game development itself.

Paul Butler, a person with no real talent of his own is disrespectful to readers with this cheap hitmongering article.

Seriously, what has Paul Butler ever accomplished that gives him the slightest insight into game development?

What are Paul Butler's qualifications?

None, none, and nothing.

Another two bit nobody writing from his parent's basement, socially frustrated and oblivious to what it means to be talented.

Just go away already. Enough of these self appointed experts who can't so much as use an etch a sketch, let alone succeed as a developer. All they manage to do is to sit around and run their fat traps, mouths which show no indication whatsoever of being hooked to a brain housing group.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1977d ago

"I do kinda miss those days where mainstream games were creative and innovative. "

Blame consoles for the most part.

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zerocrossing1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Better graphics seem to be innovative enough for gamers these days...

I can't help but feel I've been playing souped up PS2 games for the best part of this console generation.

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HebrewHammer1977d ago

I cried like a baby at the end of TellTale's Walking Dead - and that game, by no means was technologically advanced.

Thatguy-3101977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Many are failing to see what Cage is trying to accomplish. The tech demo of the old man wasn't about how real he can look. It emphasize on how well the characters can express emotion through their facial expression. I agree with him but I also see why a lot of people hate him. He should just let others do what they want without criticizing it.

rainslacker1977d ago


Animation is exaggeration. If you look at any animated product, emotion (and movement) is always exaggerated to get the point across of what is going on within the scene. The more realistic something becomes, the less exaggeration is needed because it comes closer to what we expect based on our ability to pick up on visual clues. In the old guy's tech demo, the changes in expression were so subtle that it mimicked real life.

None of that really has nothing to do with game play, but from a story telling and graphics perspective it's pretty cool. Cage's games were never really about awesome game play's just not his focus. It makes his games unique, as well as often criticized.

AngelicIceDiamond1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Well, every dev has there own definition of what's next gen. So I respect him for that.

Listen, that model that David rendered on screen wasn't all that impressive. I get it its a render, a simple model. But haven't we seen that already?

I just wasn't impressed or maybe it was the combination of his obsession with power and graphics and super realism. The render was cool but, just, familiar.

David thinks there's some visible layer in the gaming industry that he believes games can "grow up" or "mature."

That could mean allot of things, maybe he wants games to look, play or story driven like his? I dunno but every single dev has a goal with next gen, what they wanna accomplish what's considered next gen to them.
And that's where he gets selfish because it sounds like he wants games to be like his.

There's a reason why Cod sales the way it does and people flock to it every year. I respect David but his views on gaming are off and somewhat selfish.

Godmars2901977d ago

Except there are a lot - too many - like Cage, guys at Crytek and even Epic with or with out Cliffy B who are saying what it is as if its an absolute.

rainslacker1977d ago

The model itself was far from simple. It was a pretty complex model in fact. Stuff like that hasn't been done on consoles, and honestly you probably won't see that level of detail in a game anyways...particularly in a game play scenario.

I was impressed with the technical side of it, and if it was running in real time on PS4 spec hardware, that does bode well for better graphics next gen all around. Not as big a leap like prior gens, but a leap none the less.

I think a lot of his "the industry needs to grow up" stuff gets taken way out of context. He's not really saying that the industry itself is childish, or that game players are childish, just that as a whole, the medium itself can be used to do so much more if developers take the time to cultivate it.

Cage's games are unique. I've never been impressed with the game play side of them, because quite frankly it's rather shallow. But the stories are pretty good, albeit cliched, and more importantly he does push the envelope when it comes to graphics and emotion representation. It's why I flock to them, because I like seeing people that do things differently, even if it's outside the norm, because it opens up possibilities that others may not try to explore.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1977d ago

David Cage does not have an obsession with power he has an obsession with emotion and story telling which is a very good thing.

MysticStrummer1977d ago

Wasn't Cage just talking about conveying emotion with subtle changes of expression? In that case, he's absolutely right.

TomOfAllTrades1977d ago

Well that's his choice; if he believe's power is the way froward, then so be it. Every developer has their own sight and reason into how a game should be created, but that doesn't mean they should be knocked over it. Yes, his mindset can be slightly irrational but in no way shape or form is he power hungry like 'Crytek', they are so far up their own backsides and with every article they post believing they're the 'Be all & End all' I can't help but laugh. David Cage has ambition and and a voice (So what?) at least he try's new things whereas 'Crytek' cancel one project after another and sitting in their glorified castle believing First Person Shooters are god's gift to gaming.

On a side note, nice avatar :)

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HarryMasonHerpderp1977d ago

He pissed a lot of people off with his emotion speech and rightfully so.
For example Journey is one of the most emotional games I have ever played and you can't even see the protagonist's facial expressions. Silent Hill 2 is also a very emotional game in a lot of different ways. There are and have been tons of emotional games since the very early days with 16bit graphics.

Roper3161977d ago

but the emotions were relayed through story & happenings in game not by facial expressions alone which is what David Cage was talking about.

You can look and the face in the tech demo and now how he/she is feeling just by the different expressions in the face without any story being told or event to get the feeling across to the gamer.

just my though on the matter.

FunAndGun1977d ago

That is what I thought as well.

Bimkoblerutso1977d ago

But the point is that he's talking about a VERY specific criteria.

Sure, if you're looking to make an ultra-realistic, some would say "cinematic," experience and want a character to express detailed facial emotion when the camera is zoomed in ridiculously close, then sure, you could probably benefit from the added horsepower. But that doesn't change the fact that developers have been conveying emotion through their characters in other ways for many, many years.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, but Cage sometimes acts as if the video game industry was nothing but a shallow, pulpy mush before he graced it with his contributions. He also sometimes forgets, in his pursuit of a more "cinematic" experience, the level of emotion games uniquely convey from their interactivity alone.

What he is doing is just ONE SPECIFIC WAY of achieving what he is aiming for, but he doesn't seem to understand that.

HarryMasonHerpderp1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )


Yes that's probably what he was talking about.
The way he said it though was as if no games had any emotional impact before the old man tech demo lol. He comes across really ignorant.
I'm sure he has good intentions and I love his games. He just needs to think about what he's actually saying sometimes.

Muerte24941977d ago

I absolutely love flower. The soundtrack meshed so well with the gameplay. Definitely an emotion driven game.

_LarZen_1977d ago

I don't care who is delusional or disrespecting who.

All I care about is getting my hands on Beyond: Two Souls.

wildcat1977d ago Show
vividi1977d ago

Some common sense is always refreshing

Studio-YaMi1977d ago

And their PS4 project too,if he can make games on the PS3 as eye candy as Beyond : two souls,imagine what he can achieve with the PS4 specs !

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FunAndGun1977d ago

was he saying that to create emotion in general or for characters to relate emotions with facial expressions?

Hydralysk1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

He was saying that new shiny graphics make it so that you can now, because of the PS4's power, properly convey emotions through visuals and facial animations.

It's doubly hilarious as he's going "look at the emotion in the old man's eyes!" while the facial animations in his realistic looking old man are creepy as all hell compared with the stylized art and facial animations of The Walking Dead, a game that's low enough on resources that you can play it on an iPhone.

Hicken1977d ago

You got that completely wrong.

The POINT was that it didn't need the stylized art and exaggerated facial expressions of a game like The Walking Dead. Games right now NEED those exaggerations because it's hard to pick up on the subtleties we'd notice on a human's face: games just aren't capable of expressing those nuances yet.

Cage's demo was showing that the PS4, at least, has the potential to do just that. If it's "creepy" to you, you might wanna look up the "uncanny valley" to understand why.

Yes, you can display emotions in games now, but not with the level of subtlety he showed off. And it wasn't "shiny new graphics," but the power to produce those graphics that counts.

Nyxus1977d ago

Eh I think people are blowing this up a bit. I didn't agree with everything he said but I didn't feel he was offending anything.

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