PlayStation 4 lighting tech, Enlighten, receives major upgrade

When the PlayStation 4 is released to the world, gamers will be receiving the best content available, and the same can be said for technology like Enlighten from the up-and-coming organization, Geomerics.

According to official information sent to today, Geomerics' is getting a major upgrade to it's state-of-the-art lighting technology, Enlighten.

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stuna12017d ago

The more I hear, the more irresistible the PS4 become! From the sound of things Sony are not taking any chances of repeating mistakes of this gen.

jukins2017d ago

hope your're right but im expecting sony to drop the ball somewhere whether it be the price or ,more likely, not having some important features at launch

stuna12017d ago

Let's hope not! "Finger's Crossed".

I'm sure all the console that have been or will be released, have or will have something that someone will point out, should have been there or shouldn't have been there.

stuna12017d ago

Let's hope not! "Finger's Crossed".

I'm sure all the console that have been or will be released, have or will have something that someone will point out, should have been there or shouldn't have been there.

By the way I don't disagree with you, because its been known to happen.

HiddenMission2017d ago


Sounds like you want them to fail...are you a closet fanboy.

Your comment had not place in the thread.

jukins2017d ago

na i def dont want them to fail im primarily a playstation gamer its just that sony usually misses a few key elements with new products. regardless like i said im mostly a playstation gamer and im gonna get the ps4 regardless, but realistically im expected them to drop the ball on something.

Just think of all we dont know the price of the system, games, tier level memberships. Will we really be able to remote play, how good will it be? I was very impressed with the initial unviel cant wait for more. im guessing all the disagrees are fanboys jumping defend sony but calm down im really a sony man

2017d ago
Hydrolex2017d ago

You know who is that one B***h that's complaining all the time ?

2013 Heavy weight Nagging Champion, please welcome NVIDIAAAAAAAAAA !!! hoooray

irepbtown2016d ago

Totally agree with you Stuna1, however I don't understand the disagrees with jukins (well I do, sort of)...

No product out there is perfect. Each and every single one has a few problems. We've seen it not only in consoles, but everything from Mobile phones, to the car you drive. Nothing is perfect, there is always somewhere you can improve.

Take the PS3, not enough exclusives at launch, PSN wasn't that good, xbox has RROD.
I am NOT saying this will happen, they will 100% make sure the mistakes from this gen are well looked at and made sure of no repeat. The point is, there were problems.

I think jukins is pretty much saying, as great as the PS4 plays out to be, there will be a problem somewhere (same will go for NextBox).

I personally cannot wait for the PS4.

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Derekvinyard132017d ago

Wonder what the price will be for this

stuna12017d ago

Exactly! With all that we're hearing, it just seems suspect that we're not hearing a lot of price rumors.

I just hope they haven't built up all this hype, just to kill it with a high price.

GuyThatPlaysGames2017d ago

I remember 6 years ago when Enlighten was teased and it has yet to come out. By now, the Enlighten engine should be pretty dated.

MysticStrummer2017d ago

I want to hear more about the upgraded AI than I do anything having to do with visuals.

MysticStrummer2017d ago

The Last of Us looks amazing, but I'm not sure what it has to do with what I said. PS4 will supposedly have upgraded AI, and I'd rather hear about it than about lighting, AA, and other visual enhancements.

BitbyDeath2017d ago

PS4 won't have upgraded AI unless devs code for it. They can do it right now which is being proven by Naughty Dog with The Last of Us.

Hopefully we'll see the same formula passed to other devs, so others can also mimic it.

DA_SHREDDER2017d ago

I don't think AI is a big priority. Especially since we've been content with AI for the past, IDK, 30 years or so of console gaming? I just wanna see better frame rates more than anything. We already have the graphics on lock. I mean pc gaming has been doin good with lighting for the past 7 years, or ever since the cry engine came out for crysis 1.

Cirran2017d ago

AI improvements are much needed. But by the looks of The last of us and Watch Dogs they are already on the way.

falcon792017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Read this from Havok it basically makes RAM limitless.

Zero bottlenecks for WiiU,i'm on this post because everyone is all of a sudden thinking RAM is the most important thing its not with Havok's new tech basically 1 GB of texture RAM can be achieved with 100MB ?

Rhythmattic2017d ago


So 2Gb ram can hold equivalent of 20Gb of textures .. Thats great right?
With some games with their original assets being in the Tb before compression... Im guessing thats why developers like lots of ram.

HammadTheBeast2017d ago


1. Most of the positive Wii U hardare compliments have come from smaller developers, mainly indie ones.

2. Ram is never limitless. If it was, you could do an infinite number of processes at one time, although the other hardware would have to be of same standards. Also, your link describes a physics engine. Something used as an asset within a game.

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aquamala2017d ago

AI is just software, nothing a new console can do better other than perform calculations faster

MysticStrummer2017d ago

That's fine. Either way it's more important to me than visual improvement.

Tonester9252017d ago

I can't wait for a next gen Red Dead game.

BlackTar1872017d ago

This right here^^^^

me either what a great game

SAE2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I wouldn't be that excited for another red dead because of the redemption ending. I love it and hate it in the same time . I still feel sad T_T. Hate you rockstar !!!!!!!!

BlackTar1872017d ago

I know what you mean. No spoileing but man 1 was better then the other thats for sure

MariaHelFutura2016d ago

Yep.yep. 2K13 is one of the most impressive games of this generation.

KillrateOmega2017d ago

The PS4 just keeps looking more and more enticing :)

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