Bungie not worried about Destiny server issues

"Developer says it will be prepared for "anxious mobs of players," teases gamers can play as aliens in upcoming shooter."

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Root1800d ago

Maybe they should of done an offline aspect instead of making it a full on MMO. I bet they could of made a great single player....least have it optional.

NYC_Gamer1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I believe all the huge online fps titles will adopt the MMO model..It really makes perfect sense because fans of the genre love being connected online with other players anyway.

Root1800d ago

Yeah but after the SimCity thing you don't want them to take any chances

Besides I'm not a fan of MMOs...a lot of people arn't but they are fans of Bungie.

Least then it might encourage to want to go online more after the single player part, help them get into it more.

RTheRebel1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

This game is gonna be epic.

Knight_Crawler1800d ago

I agree but I really wish it was not MMO...dont get me wrong I do not have anything against MMO but they are not my cup of tea.

Also I wonder what will happen to Bungie if this game bombs, I dont expect it to do Halo numbers but Activion will not be happy if it does not do those numbers.

IK IR Y IP T1800d ago

Amazing can wait to bad its a xbox exclusive for a whole year

vividi1800d ago

I think is not an exclusive

Eldyraen1800d ago

I'm pretty sure Bungie announced no timed exclusivity for consoles at launch anymore during PS4 announcement. That's what I gathered anyways.

aliengmr1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I read somewhere they decided to do a timed exclusive with MS for a year, then release it on PS. That was the last thing I read after the PS4 announcement.

What I read could have been wrong, but I am sure that I read it right.

Eldyraen1800d ago

@Aliengmr: That was the original plan, didn't hear about anything new since PS4 reveal so may have to look it up for myself.

Godmars2901800d ago

Until they have to worry about the servers. Like say launch day.

And it'll be too late...

jmac531800d ago

Bungie is one company I would trust with the online capabilities. All of the Halo titles ran flawlessly online.

aliengmr1800d ago

Yea, but they didn't have every single person who bought it on at one time. Halo also wasn't a persistent MMO either.

Not saying they can't handle it, but its not the same as standard online MP.

rainslacker1800d ago

Pretty sure all the Halo titles used P2P connections which involve minimal server capabilities when it comes to online.

But yeah, I would trust Bungie not to screw up...unfortunately Activision will be running the servers, and them I don't trust as much. Although I would assume they have a few resources to get it right since they own Blizzard as well.

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