Project Cars Wii U Runs at 720p 30fps, Will ‘Look & Feel Amazing’

NowGamer: The Wii U version of Project Cars, the hotly anticipated sim racer come graphical showcase, will run at 720p, 30fps on Nintendo’s newest machine.

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SlavisH21981d ago

wow that seems like ps360 software specs?

jcnba281981d ago

Sorry to break it to you but most next gen games will be running at 720p 30fps.

MasterCornholio1981d ago

Um tons of games that they shown for the PS4 ran in 1080P.

Motorola RAZR i

ThatEnglishDude1981d ago


There are some current gen PS3 games that run at 1080p (Gran Turismo 5 for example)

What's your point?

LOL_WUT1981d ago

Wow 720p and 30fps on the Wii U? Damn, I wonder how much these developers could've pushed out of the Wii U if it were an exclusive because thats pretty disappointing. ;)

turnerdc1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )


GT5 isn't 1080p.

"The game still renders at native 720p with 4x multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA) when your XMB is set to 720p mode, while the resolution shifts to 1280x1080 with 2x quincunx (QAA) when the 1080p mode is engaged. So we're not seeing anything like native 1080p resolution here, but you are getting a 50 per cent increase in the number of pixels rendered."

The 1080p standard implies a resolution of 1920x1080p.

Grap1980d ago

game cars with 30FPS..lame

N0S3LFESTEEM1980d ago

Everyones disagreeing with you like they know for sure :p... I see them rushing to 1080p at launch then slowly lowering the res over it's lifespan. It's very possible they'll default to 720p depending on how well their processors can keep up. I'd take 720p/60fps over 1080p/30fps... having a smooth experience and snappy responses is the better choice. Realistically it'll probably fall somewhere between 720p and 1080p.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1980d ago

720p no.. 30fps yes.. Like killzone.

adorie1980d ago

1080p @ 30fps. Calling it. Once they learn how to properly harness next gen consoles, I'm also going to say they will be able to get more than 30FPS. Call me an optimist.

ajax171980d ago

troll-lo-lo-lolling gets you nowhere on N4G

Blackdeath_6631980d ago

stupid comment is stupid. current games run at 720p 30fps so any game still running at that can hardly be called next gen.

irepbtown1980d ago

Wipeout HD: 1080p 60fps if I remember correctly.

I have no clue myself what next gen will be like. But whatever it is, I'm sure it will be awesome.

More On-topic: This is great to hear, though I don't have a Wii U myself (yet). Considering the Wii U only being out several months now and news like this cropping up, imagine 2-3 years down the line...

cleverusername1980d ago

You should put your powers to better use, like winning the lottery, betting etc. You could be rich!!!

WiiUsauce1980d ago Show
AsimLeonheart1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Werent the Nintendo fans the first to claim that Wii U will be the first console to produce native 1080p @60FPS games and thus will be vastly superior to PS360? What happened to that claim? You guys have backpedaled now and accepting 720p @30FPS as a standard?
Most people do not understand that games will never be 1080p and 60FPS until developers choose to make them. If they want to maintain 1080p and 60FPS then they will have to sacrifice some visuals to free some processing power but developers choose better visuals over smoother frame rate and higher resolution. It is ALWAYS a trade-off between visuals and FPS/resolution. The developers choose which way to go. It is simple as that and is not onyl a matter of power of the hardware.

360ICE1980d ago

Very likely, yes. A lot of release games for the PS3 ran 1080p 60fps, but when they're starting to push the system graphically they'll probably lower it.

fr0sty1980d ago

The Wii U is a PS3 with a slightly more powerful GPU, but that is bottlenecked by a terribly slow CPU. This is why, though the GPU is capable of rendering things the PS3 or 360 cannot, most of the games still do not run much better than the current gen consoles. Your system is only as fast as it's slowest part, and in this case it's Wii U's CPU that is holding it back from being what most would consider a true "next gen" system.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31980d ago

It's basically a port because I'm willing to bet money it isn't the lead platform.

ProjectVulcan1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

If by most 'next gen' games you mean Wii U ones, then yeah, they'll all end up 720p and 30FPS for the most part.

As for PS4 likely between 1600 x 900 and 1920 x 1080 and 30FPS in most cases.

Nextbox is a bit of a mystery, but in honesty I can see it actually aiming for 720p+ variable.

If the hardware is what the leaks say it is, it'll probably be able to do the same sort of visuals as PS4, but only in a lower resolution, like 720p or the aforementioned 1600 x 900- interestingly this in my opinion would probably be a good choice for microsoft if they aimed for 1600 x 900 and had a good upscaler.

I think this is actually quite possible and likely to be aimed at with the GPU and memory speed that leaks suggest they have chosen.

So a multiplat game could look extremely similar on nextbox to PS4, but be at a lower resolution natively if the console's GPU is 30 odd percent slower with under half the memory bandwidth.

1600 x 900 is something like 70 percent of the rez of full 1080p and still a good boost over this gen, with good hardware upscaling and anti aliasing the difference in image quality would be rather negligable on most console gamers setups i.e HDTVs from a distance.

Deku-Johnny1980d ago

jcnba28 is correct. You can tell by the amount of disagrees on his comment how many Sony fanboys are on this thread.

ethomaz1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


1080p means only 1080 lines... it is the vertical resolution only... so 1920x1080p is 1080p like 1280x1080p too... even 640x1080p is native 1080p.

GT5 runs in native 1080p.

porkChop1980d ago


So far every single PS4 game runs in 1080p at 30fps, while every Wii U game runs in 720p at 30fps. Just because the Wii U doesn't have the power to run games past current gen standards doesn't mean that the standards won't change on the real next gen consoles.

xursz1980d ago


His comment has nothing to do with sony. -_-'

720p at 30fps is the standard THIS GEN. It's normal to expect that to raise. 1080p at 30fps / 720p at 60fps I expect will probably be the new standard.

yabhero1980d ago

Okay let me clarify for people. Most high graphical games on PS3 actually run at like 540p at 24-29 FPS. Then are up scaled to 720p at still run at under 30 FPS with constant drops to like 22 FPS which is noticeable. Check out BF3 and whatnot. Games like WipeOut are exclusives which means they have developers who are expert with hardware. A game like "Zelda HD" on WiiU could easily run at NATIVE 720p 60FPS or NATIVE 1080p 30 FPS. Native HD which means a better quality image. I also get the impression that this game could run in 1080p but then what other effects to be maintained.

Ju1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

LOL, Vulcan. 1600x900. Where did you pull that from? KZ SF ran 1080p with 30fps without a sweat and did not dip once (!) below 30fps (check the Eurogamer tech analysis in full HD!). I'd rather say there is headroom. All games where 1080. If they aren't Sony won't make a sell, I can guarantee you that. I rather think, it would easily run BF3 in [email protected] - the current gen game. BTW: I guarantee you a PS4 would run GT5 or Wipeout in full 1080p @ 60Fps stereoscopic! (e.g. the PS3 version with higher geometry but not much more changed) LOL ;)

It rather looks like those guys have troubles to even get the [email protected] from the WiiU. Looks to me that's quite a challenge for most devs on the platform. More is just not possible on the WiiU - if you want to match the PS360 visuals. What they can do is, using higher texture res because of the 1GB. But this doesn't help with lighting or physics.

Tito081980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I think he meant to say current-gen, he's right anyways.

@ WiiUsauce, I think you hold the title of the biggest idiot & hypocrite very well, having your username after the Wii U states the obvious, btw, nobody mentioned Killzone, you did, & it's too soon to come up with conclusions on a game which isn't even finalized, and will be on a completely new generation console which will definitely, along with the new Xbox, crush the Wii U.

badz1491980d ago

720p 30fps? what is this? 2008? Project Cars is a sim game like GT and Forza, right? not arcade like NFS or GRID, right? shouldn't it be better to have 60fps? isn't the Wii U supposed to be "next gen" or something?

JasonXS121980d ago

Most if not all games this gen practically run at 720p 60fps. Sacrificing that 1080p for the 60fps.
This gen didn't standardise 1080p 60fps but next gen definitely will.

Neko_Mega1980d ago

You mean most Wii U games will? Seeing how alot of next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are aim at 1080p.

turnerdc1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


The use of the term "1080p" is meant to refer to a resolution of 1920x1080p. Just like 720p refers to a resolution of 1280x720p. Yes, GT5 runs with a vertical resolution of 1080 but it does not match the horizontal resolution. Look up any standard that refers to 1080p and it will give a resolution of 1920x1080p.

"1080p - 1920×1080p: 2,073,600 pixels (approximately 2.1 megapixels) per frame"

"Definition: 1080p represents 1,920 pixels displayed across a screen horizontally and 1,080 pixels down a screen vertically."


Refers to the 1920x1080 "progressive scan" HDTV format. Also called "Full HD" "True HD" and "Ultra HD," 1080p provides the highest resolution in the HDTV standard."



Definition: A display mode for HDTV's, with a resolution of 1920x1080. The 'P' stands for progressive scan, where each horizontal line of a picture is drawn at every refresh. A successor to 1080i (interlaced), which draws every other line alternatively."

"1080p is an HD standard that defines a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels."


Refers to the 1920x1080 "progressive scan" HDTV format. Also called "Full HD" "True HD" and "Ultra HD," 1080p provides the highest resolution in the HDTV standard."

I understand your argument but anything that references the term 1080p is referring to a resolution of 1920x1080p. GT5 is NOT 1080p, even the article I linked in my original comment stated that GT5 is not 1080p.


30fps is just a development technique that outputs smoother gameplay. so yeah, your right that a lot of ps4 and 720 games will be 30fps, but your points still invalid.
the disappointment doesnt stem from the fact that the game runs at 30fps. it comes from the fact that those specs are usually ps3/360 minimum. I can almost guarantee you we have seen what "project cars" on wii u has to offer from years-old ps3/360 racers. (im GUESSING) Project cars will probably be nothing special by comparison.
what separates 720 and ps4 from the bunch is that with the tired specs of 720p and 30fps, those consoles will be outputting graphics that you and i could hardly imagine.

CalvinKlein1980d ago

NO console gen will have a set number of FPS or resolution. Maybe some would have set resolution but now-a-days we see tons of games with various resolutions, but especially frame rate will not be set ever. Why would anyone think resolution or especially Frame rate would be set at 1080P and 60fps?

Ju1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

All this discussion about GT5 @ 1080p. Dooh. Even their lowest 1080 implementation is 50% more pixels than this; and still runs 60fps. The 720p 4x MSAA mode is comparable to this Project Cars. This is full 1280x720 @ 30fps and 4xMSAA (HW) enabled with some people say isn't possible on the PS3. But this engine pushes boundaries on the PS3, no doubt. These devs have yet to match this. Don't even know why we discuss this. It's 5 years later!

DeadlyFire1980d ago

No my friend. Most next gen games will be running 1080 @ 30-60 fps or [email protected] fps. WiiU gets [email protected] fps regardless.

Gamer19821980d ago

I still have no faith it will look better than the exclusives of Forza and GT as its not an exclusive so wont use the consoles to their full extent.

CEOSteveBallmer1980d ago

ahhhh NO.. How did you know next gen wont be using 1080p?? Who told you that? Microsoft? Sony? Nintendo? are you the hardware maker? developer?. Then whats the use of creating a ps4 or xbox 720 if its just basically will use the same resolution?? smartphones are now using 1920x1080. you sir are just a nintendo fanboy who is bitter that Wii U is just a slightly better ps3/xbox360

Smashbro291980d ago

God I hope not. 1080p at 60fps needs to become standard.

TopDudeMan1980d ago

Okay now people, lets all first distinguish the difference between running at 1080p and playing the game on a 1080p TV before we make asses of ourselves.

SkullBlade1691980d ago

Not on my PC they won't be.

ProjectVulcan1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Do you not know anything Ju?

Developers have been stealing pixels all this entire generation. If because new hardware arrives you suddenly think that will end and everything will be natively 1920 x 1080 then you are sorely mistaken.

Remember how everything this gen was gonna be at least 720P with a bunch of AA? Man Microsoft didn't half bang on about it, and right on launch they had sub HD games! FACEPALM!

Devs will still steal pixels, if they aim for a higher framerate for example a 60FPS shooter or racer or effects that are still very costly, they could and would easily steal pixels here and there and have the image upscaled.

1600 x 900 makes sense because its an easy 16:9 widescreen resolution and simple to upscale....It was merely an example however. The day a PS4 game arrives that is not natively 1920 x 1080 I'll point it out to you, but I am willing to bet it won't take much longer than launch day to find one...

Killzone can't be anything less than 1920 x 1080 because it is EXPECTED to be a technical tour de force and guaranteed to be dissected for tech analysis. Not every dev is going to bother in that same manner because they aren't likely to get as much scrutiny or care about it- nor have such a no doubt huge programming budget....

Seriously Ju I worry for you sometimes if you pretend to have all this knowledge and don't understand basic concepts.

If sony were going to guarantee that EVERY PS4 game was going to be 1920 x 1080 natively they would sing it from the rooftops. They would shout it loud as a great PR move.

The fact they haven't says enough. I am sure most titles with be 1920 x 1080 but I am also very sure many many of them will not.

Be realistic people, don't start floating off into pipedreamland.

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solid_warlord1980d ago

Consoles have been able to do 720p 30fps for about 8 years now

falcon791980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Try reading it they say if they use Native 720p then the graphics and physics can be much better,and they say 30fps is on all console versions.

This game will have amazing gameplay plus it will have graphics equal to high end pc,720p Native with the graphics wiiu will have is NEXTGEN guys.

Considering these graphics are the best any NEXTGEN console will have for like 2 years easy i'm pleased no ps4 game will surpass this wiiu game in the near future,and asking a game to run at 60fps in these graphics is asking way too much,maybe when devs get to grips with the tech some more than 60fps will be possible easy,Fifa on 360 was 30fps at first then it got better graphics and 60fps ???

Ck1x1980d ago

Actually most games this Gen aren't even running in native 720p on current consoles!

Ck1x1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Not to mention that people think all Nex-gen games will be native 1080p are delusional... Developers in the future will continue to sacrifice the higher resolutions to provide more content and details on screen at one given time.

DeadlyFire1980d ago

Most high spec games on PS3/X360 actually use less than 720p.

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BullyMangler1980d ago

read some of the comments here and haa ha haaa . . so now 720p and 30fps is BAD? Nyeah okaiy

SilentNegotiator1980d ago

That's like saying "LOL, so now 480p is bad?" in 2006.

SilentNegotiator1980d ago

Bully's PM: "so which 720p 30fps video games are >BAD< ?? ?? ? ?? " (I guess s/he's out of bubbles)

Stop pretending like 720p isn't outdated at this point. Just because games at outdated resolutions aren't necessarily bad, doesn't mean I want to keep playing new releases at 720p for 5 more years.

gamefiles1980d ago


lol, you dont get it do you?

Why do you think that games that run at 30fps or 720p look or perform outdated?

Besides when it comes to videoGames, CONTROLS/GAMEPLAY matter most no?

How do I sound if i say that MadWorld for the Wii, favoring a low resolution input running at 30fps looks outdated?? That's right, i sound like a lost pup.

Its going to take more than JUST 1o80p to make a game LOOK outstanding. Maybe skill?

Anyway, I hope they do great things with the gamepaD.

ziggurcat1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

"wow that seems like ps360 software specs?"

because the wii U isn't next gen tech, it's current gen tech... or rather, *slightly* better than current gen...

BrianC62341980d ago

GT5 is 1080p though. They must be too lazy to use the Wii U. It isn't a real next gen console but it should be able to run at 1080p at least.

ambientFLIER1980d ago

No, GT5 is not full 1080p. It's something like 1280x1080p.

NatureOfLogic1980d ago

@ ambientFLIER

Where in his comment does he say GT5 is "full" 1080p. No matter how hard you spin it or people disagree with him he's still correct. GT5 is 1080p, not full 1080p but still 1080p.

showtimefolks1980d ago

Ok so we are not suppose to be graphics whores but everyone comments is making the whole gaming seems like its all about graphics

720P and locked 30 frames per seconds is good as long as game is great. Seriously

And that's coming from a long time playstation fan. Excited aut ps4 and hope it can do full1080p with 60fps but if it doesn't than my experience won't be any less with a game. It's hard to tell difference between 720P and 1080P. That's just t opinion

As long as game is fun to play that's what matters more than graphics

AKR1980d ago

Um . . . No. Just no, good sir.

- Slightly Mad has CHOSEN to take this route. That isn't to say that this is all the Wii U can do at this point. If Criterion can successfully port over the PC version of Need for Speed Most Wanted, with enhanced textures, improved lighting, and draw distance - on a PORT - then I'm sure they can really use the tech in a game built from the ground up.

Even so, they did say that this was the set-up for ALL the consoles they're developing the game on, so it's not like it's only the Wii U that's getting this treatment.

This is one studio. There are still other devs out there who can use the tech in a more - "acceptable" - way, like [email protected] or [email protected] Either way, the game still looks amazing, so I truly don't care.

Ju1980d ago

They did not port the PC version. Read their interview again. It's a PS360 version with PC textures. But it runs PS3 geometry. Nothing is improved over the current generation but the texture resolutions and they had troubles in the beginning to reach the framerate target. The texture resolution has no impact on the framerate - memory has. Framerate depends on bandwidth and the WiiU doesn't have enough. Pure and simple.

R00bot1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

They said that they aimed for 30fps 720p on all consoles because then they could tailor other graphical aspects of the wii u version and make the physics better.

nintendoland1980d ago

your sentence doesn't make any sense. So you think it's the same thing if project cars runs at 720p 30fps and GTA Vice City running at 720p and 30fps? All those who agree. Man.. Their IQ must be below zero

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1981d ago
SandWitch1981d ago

Pretty disappointing, I would have expected at least either 1080p @ 30fps or 720p @ 60fps

falcon791980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

U would expect it would u,720p Native with better graphics is what there saying ??? 1080p/60fps will be possible in a few years,look at fifa that doubled in fps and the graphics got alot better ???

I remember saying NFS will have better graphics look at that,this version their implying will look like their best version but at 720p Native,30fps is what all versions run at.

falcon791980d ago Show
roshi19871980d ago Show
Venox20081981d ago

for me its better 720p 30fps with better visuals, than 1080p with lower.. I reckon game will look awesome anyway

gedapeleda1981d ago

I always prefered resolution.Because 720p look dirty.

AsimLeonheart1980d ago

720p dirty? You should try playing games on the SD TV from a decade ago like we old gamers used to. LOL!

gedapeleda1980d ago

I have been around and played sd but that doesn't mean I should accept 720p.1080 just looks glorious when compared side by side