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Battlefield 4 trailer tease: 'Prepare 4 Battle' on March 27

EA has teased the imminent reveal of Battlefield 4, telling fans to "Prepare 4 Battle" on March 27. (Battlefield 4, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Walker  +   986d ago
Can't wait to see BF4 on PS4 !
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andibandit  +   986d ago
They'd better raise the max_player_cap to 64, other wise it's PC for me again.
r21  +   986d ago
Man, I already got used to less than 32 players, how crazy will it be with 64 players?
JoGam  +   986d ago
@ r21......U should try MAG.
BuLLDoG909  +   986d ago
iv been playing BF3 on PS3 since launch night, and a month ago i finally got a pc able to almost max it and have put just over 10 hours into the pc version so far.(over 300h on ps3)
The biggest thing iv noticed is on the 64 player servers, regardless of map, its a complete cluster f*k. I think the sweet stop is 32 player battles, in 32 player matches you can run for afew seconds without encountering the enemy.
64 player battles are still fun in a chaos inducing sort of way, but for a proper match its overkill unless they make BF4 maps alot bigger.
Blastoise  +   986d ago
I'd be very disappointed if they don't increase the player cap on consoles, having worse graphics on consoles I can get over easily but 64 players is a must for me.

Anyway...Imagine if Battlefield 4 had submarines, how cool would that be?
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Spinal  +   986d ago
Yep I wanna see 64 player cap on PS4 cause I can't stand EAs battle log on PC and hope I never have to see it again.
irepbtown  +   986d ago
Having a mixture of 32 and 64 players on different maps would be great. More variety of vehicles (mainly planes/Heli's). BlackhawkS from the Bad Company series would be awesome.
artdafoo  +   986d ago
64 is an eff fest , in reality mo more than 48 is about right.
HmongAmerican  +   986d ago
can you fill me in here cause I never play a game with 64 players at once. Beside MAG beta awhile back. What the advantage you gain by having so many players?
InMyOpinion  +   986d ago
@JoGam - A turd with more players is still a turd. You shouldn't compare MAG to BF3. They are lightyears apart in the quality department.
ZBlacktt  +   986d ago
@ InMyOpinion

Your screen name says it all. I've plated both games and can say with out a doubt MAG is x 10 more action. Try playing a leader role and doing the missions. Play a game of DOM and you will never look at BF or COD the same way again. Where BF looks and sounds of so pretty. It lacks action on the scare MAG comes with by a long shot.
seanpitt23  +   986d ago
Well if its not 64player on ps4 then there is no point in getting that version only thing is better visuals than the ps3 version people will need more than that for them to fork out a lot of cash for the ps4 version
Derekvinyard13  +   986d ago
Dam imagine 32 players on one team!! Full on destruction
Wenis  +   986d ago
I remember FrontLines Fuel of War had 50 player servers, and that was awesome. But the actual gameplay was sort of sub-par, since it was the studio's first ever game they developed. So I'm hoping for BF4 we'll get BIG maps (and not tunnel-shooter operation metro nonsense) and a lot of players.
TheFamous1  +   986d ago
This.. I own consoles and a gaming PC, and even though BF3 on consoles was good it sucks to see it gimped. Hopefully this changes with the new hardware.
llMurcielagoll  +   986d ago

Why wait until BF4 on next gen consoles to try out 64 players online? If you have a PC get BF3 done and done! :P
dkgshiz  +   986d ago
64 players is generally over kill anyways.
TheSaint  +   985d ago
I want to agree with this 64 times, but it won't let me.
DeadlyFire  +   985d ago
64 is more than enough and a decent jump for consoles. Hopefully the servers will be decent at launch. Considering the next PC version might have DRM like Simcity. I might side with PS4 version. Comparing my PC to PS4 it averages out to about the same as I would get on my system anyway if not a little better.

Which to me confirms 64 players possible. Makes me think Next gen Nascar could actually have 43 racers. Hopefully bug free. :)

Less than 32 is empty to me. This new generation we have a chance to see 64+ players on nearly every game if they wanted to push it.

After playing one 64 player game you will never want anything less. Well it depends on how often you run across a battlefield in open sight as to how many players you would enjoy playing with. haha. 64 players and someone is going to pick you off for running across that field or try to anyway. Even if you driving. :P
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Flavor  +   985d ago
All you guys who think that 64 is too much, have you not heard all the gripes about the armored kill maps being too big?

The BF3 maps were gimped down for consoles, the Bf2 maps were much, much bigger. And Bf2 supports 128+ players in its mods, with maps that are even bigger.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   985d ago
I play on PC and I never play on 64 player servers it's not fun at all, like others have said, it's just a cluster fu**. I tend to play on 32 player servers all the time that is the perfect amount imho. More is not always better.
Andreas-Sword  +   986d ago
yes.... Battlefield 4 on PS4!
Battlefield 4 will be the best First-Person-Shooter 2013 and 2014!
Kurt Russell  +   985d ago
Cheers for the heads up Mystic Meg :)
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GadgetGooch  +   986d ago
Personally XBOX Next/720 etc for me.
iNFAMOUZ1   986d ago | Trolling | show
zbg31610  +   986d ago
It is funny all of the dislikes you got for only saying you liked xbox, but seriously go ps4!
GadgetGooch  +   986d ago
@zbg31610: Haha I was thinking the same thing lol...Nevermind eh!! :)
DeadlyFire  +   985d ago
Depends on how much Kinect Microsoft shows off with the new Xbox for me, but PS4 is defiantly coming to my house. Xbox720 I am skeptical of until I see it in action.
Ps4 will be awsome! But I can't play this with a controller. I need to check both corners of a room and I can't do that in 1.5 secs with a controller. ugh.. sorry.

I will get infamous over bf4 on console.
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nosferatuzodd  +   986d ago
Lol I hear you to each is own if mouse makes you feel better then by all means
solid_warlord  +   986d ago
How can u control something if u cant hold it...controllers u can hold. Keyboard and mouse u just wank on it.
DeadlyFire  +   985d ago
Have you ever heard of just read this snippet below.

The Eagle Eye is a keyboard and mouse converter for the PS3 and Xbox 360, that allows you to use a keyboard and mouse of your choice instead of a controller. Using our proprietary Eagle Edit program, you can modify your settings and key bindings to play the game in a way that best suites you, with the added control and precision that a keyboard and mouse offers.

To me this is awesome because I use a monitor for my PS3/X360 to game on. So it works out pretty good.
SDF Repellent  +   986d ago
Can't wait to see BF4 on PC with Max setting!
Crystallis  +   986d ago
@ BullDog. Depends on the map. 64 players on operation metro is madness. 32 players on metro is doable. I played Bf3 on my buddies PC and 64 players on Caspian border is pure heaven. Most of BF3 maps are catered to 64 players.
Sucitta  +   986d ago
3 months ago I received 64 disagrees on N4G for claiming that BF4 would prolly launch on ps4 as well as ps3..

just sayin.
HK5A  +   986d ago
crxss  +   986d ago
DarthJay  +   986d ago
Game of the Year. Yup. I said it. Feel free to add the world Multiplayer to the front if it makes you feel better.
classic200  +   986d ago
Its going to be a great game but FPS like this will likely not win many goty if any at all
Derekvinyard13  +   986d ago
The story should be a little better IMO
xPhearR3dx  +   986d ago
I didn't care too much for Battlefield 3 until I switched to PC gaming and played it there. It's like a completely new game. However, I'd be more excited if Bad Company 3 was being revealed instead of BF4. I've always been a console gamer up until recently, but Bad Company 2 was one of the best FPS military games I ever played. That Vietnam Expansion? Oh man, that was amazing.
DarthJay  +   986d ago
Yes, I would have preferred Bad Company 3, but more Battlefield ______ is always a good thing.
Donnieboi  +   986d ago
Vietnam was like crack. Or should I say opium?
unchartedxplorer  +   986d ago
I don't know. I think GTA V is going to take that title
Minato-Namikaze  +   986d ago
Last of Us, doesn tmatter what else comes out at this point. But 9-10 games can lay claim to a GOTY award since almost everybody gives them out, lol
MooseWI  +   986d ago
Thought it was the 26th.
eliteslaya13  +   986d ago
The 26th is probably just for the press.
MooseWI  +   986d ago
Oh alright, so like a closed event that no one can speak of until the 27th. I am in no rush to hear about BF4 to be honest, I can wait. Have enough to play with BF3 already and it's a year out maybe more for BF4.
Typical-Guy  +   986d ago
Yes, bring on the next-gen goodness...
r21  +   986d ago
So much epic stuff happening after the 25th. GDC game reveals, Battlefield 4, and Bioshock Infinite released :D
Detoxx  +   986d ago
Trenta27  +   986d ago
On my birthday? Really? WOO!
Detoxx  +   986d ago
Best birthday gift ever bro :)
Pandamobile  +   986d ago
My birthday too :o
Gamesgbkiller  +   986d ago
Yesterday was my birthday :)
ame22  +   986d ago
I turned away from buying BF3 on the PS3 just because of the disparity between the PC version and console version, but now I can see myself on board without hesitation with the PS4.
xPhearR3dx  +   986d ago
There's always going to be more options on PC than consoles just because the PC is an open platform. Not to say 64+ players ins't possible on the PS4, but who knows. Consoles could have 64 and PC could have 128. Don't be so confident until we hear more.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   986d ago
64 players on PC is a cluster fuuuu... I could only imagine how chaotic 128 players would be. I think 64 players would be more than enough for all platforms if they make the maps larger and I doubt anything but a $500-$1000 intel with a 690 would be able to run 128 players at once at 60fps. 32-48 players on BF3 is the sweet spot for me... once you hit 48+ players you have to watch your back at all times and that becomes more stressful than fun.
Ace_Pheonix  +   986d ago
Yeah, like aimbot and wall hacks. Got to love playing anything online with PCs... Of course I suppose since you don't pay for your games, hacking is just fine. Maybe matches are fun after everyone in the lobby uses them.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   986d ago
Prepare 4 battle... how cliche.
Hufandpuf  +   986d ago
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Mr-SellJack  +   986d ago
i'm not sure if BF will maintain it's stable position in the FPS competition next generation with respawn's first game,destiny,doom 4,killzone shadow fall,next cod,several Free to play fps,maybe unreal tournament 4 perhaps aswell?
Eldyraen  +   986d ago
The thing is... not a single one of those games play like Battlefield. Battlefield has very little real competition when it comes to its multiplayer gameplay mechanics. A few games have tried but none have been near as successful. Until we see a game that competes directly on the same scale and type of combat its not going anywhere as long as EA doesn't make too many bad decisions.
GuyManDude  +   986d ago
Exactly. Killzone and Destiny will be your Sci-Fi shooters. COD is your "arcade" shooter. Doom is Doom and Unreal Tourney is Unreal Tourney; each has a dedicated following. The only game that might play like Battlefield is the game that Respawn is making. Even then, that's only two "simulation" shooters.

Personally, I think BF4 will come out on next-gen consoles Spring/Summer 2014 while Respawn's game will be out Holiday 2014 in an attempt to "kill" Call of Duty. Just my prediction.
Gamesgbkiller  +   986d ago
Submarines YAY!!
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venom06  +   986d ago
32 players is DEFINITELY the sweet spot for great epic battles without turning into a clusterf#$%... but whatever BF4 brings, it will more than likely be better than the next Copy and Paste job of CoD...
GuyManDude  +   986d ago
64 is fine if the map is big enough (maps like Kharg, Caspian, Oman, Armored Kill and End Game maps). I think they made smaller maps in BF3 to appease the lower player count on consoles. 24 is perfect for maps like Bizaar and Siene, but way too low for Caspian or Kharg.

Personally I hope they have 8 or so huge maps for 64 players and then smaller versions of those same maps for 32 player matches. That way people can play in big battles or smaller battles.
Npugz7  +   986d ago
Hopefully they show more than a 30 second clip!
OneAboveAll  +   986d ago
It should be renamed to Battlefield 1944... Tired of this modern shit. Ready to go back and fight the Nazis with weapons that actually took skill to use. None of this fire and forget bullshit.
Zha1tan  +   986d ago
What is the bet it will have less features than 1942?

BF was so much better when it was a PC exclusive and not limited by consoles.
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SuperSaiyaJinX  +   986d ago
Why is everyone all of a suddenly quick to praise EA?

there's a company on Americas most hated list and I know it's not Activision. What was the name of it.....? oh EA!
Eldyraen  +   986d ago
Probably because BF is still one of its best games, even though it has been tarnished a bit going console friendly. I mean adding perks and such... I'm bit of a purist and some choices aren't quite right (although better than CoD's perk system--BF all around is still more "pure" than CoD at his point by far).

It has more to do with faith in Dice/etc than EA anyways. Sometimes devs are better loved than parent companies/partners.
HarryB  +   986d ago
I just hope theirs kill streaks this time. 30 kills you should get a fucking nuclear bomb and drop that shit or something like that. And we shouldnt just fight for like flags or conquest. Both teams should have like harvestor trucks and try to harvest as much resouces as possible until the resources are depleted. And we can steal the other teams resources too. Shit would be epic. Trying to harvest resources and fighting at the same time? We should minature drones that take off with a certain amount weaponry. Also if you get inside the enemy base all of the enemies should highlighted on the map. And there should be methods where if you destroy their main structure they lose the ability to get certain vehicles or specialties.

And no force fields crysis 3 sucked because of invislble force field bull shit. 19 bullets to kill someone.
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mwjw696  +   986d ago
Can I have some of what your on... cause you are higher than a satalite.
T2  +   986d ago
Did u just describe Dune? Dude we r talking about battlefield currently ....
HarryB  +   986d ago
Think about it. Have a mode where you have more than just capping flags and blowing crates. With a harvestor to follow around its more tactical now. You guys must be wii players are 2d players because diverse gaming is what's in. You can be fat and still gain more weight nah sayin ?
black911  +   986d ago
8 Days can't wait!
josephayal  +   986d ago
I hope they are adding controller support and making Kinect optional
Npugz7  +   986d ago
I'm jizzin my granny panties just thinking about it!!!!
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artdafoo  +   986d ago
Forget playet count for a minute and focus on real needed changes.
If im paying for a server I want full control over things like player count, type of weapons, vehicles, health, mini map, killcam, amount of bases and MCOMMS for CQ and RUSH, accesories allowed, the works. If i want to set up a true pistols only TDM on my damn server then I should.

Make the GD MAV transparent to soldiers ! Its suppose to be a recon device not so you can lay down an effin corner and farm kills like a punk.
one2thr  +   986d ago
A bigger player count for consoles is a plus and maps for dog fight purposes or that is suitable for player count, but I'd rather have the ability to destroy 90% of the environment this time around. Like "Whatever you see, you can destroy/break" and actual realtime stress limits, example: A tank shouldn't get stuck on a small light post, etc.

And to be able to drive civilian vehicles, from the small cars all the way up to the "Big johns" (Big dump trucks on Damavand peak), and a landing stripe to fly/control/drive and land an A-130...

This game has the potential to be so former BF veterans that DICE still have their "thunder"

Oh and a higher variety of jets and team controllable predators (First start as the regular model, then once that person(s) have accumulated enough points then they're the stealth model UAV, and becomes harder to lock missiles on)...
snake_eater  +   986d ago
Cant wait for those microtransactions guys!! so excited
Triggytrolls  +   986d ago
It's weird, on consoles the maps seem a little too big (conquest on the bigger maps) but on PC the bigger maps feel too small.

64 players on the smaller maps is just chaos.

I have enjoyed playing BF3 on PC though, the first thing I did coming from playing BF3 on console was experience Metro on 64 players haha.
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yweiuoisdf   986d ago | Spam
RetrospectRealm  +   986d ago
How come no one embeds this from Youtube?

Related video
takohma  +   986d ago
Cant wait!!!! havnt been playing much lately but I love battlefield. I started playing when bad company 2 came out. Loved it and was instantly sold for bf3. Even though I do suck in it lol.
YourSavior  +   986d ago
Please allow two people to fly in jets this time. Hopefully you'll be able to blend in more with foliage like you could on Bad Company 2. Miss that game so much.
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