Are games being too highly rated?

We have so many games coming out today that a lot of us rely heavily on gaming scores to know what to buy. However, have those same scores now evolved to the point where 8-10 means buys and anything less is an avoid?

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ShugaCane2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

"Take Sim City for instance, everybody is giving it 9/10 across the board on the professional sites yet nobody can get on and play the game"

SimCity : 65.03% (Gamerankings)

"Take Diablo 3 for instance, a lot of people hated the online DRM as it had the same issue as Sim City, yet the scores were still perfect"

Except the "people" in question here are the players, not the professional sites. Take a look at the users reviews, they are nowhere near perfect.

"Lets take Dead Space 3 as another new game on the market. A decent game yet it receives a solid 8-9 across the board."

Dead Space 3 : around 78% (Gamerankings)

Not that I disagree with the main point of your article, but I needed to clear that up.

SynGamer2014d ago

Thank you for the Metacritic ratings. Overall, the ratings are higher than they would have been in the early 2000's, and I completely agree that games are receiving higher scores than they deserve.

Now, whether that is because gaming sites/"journalists" are bending to advertising pressure, or they simply want more traffic to their site by giving a game a 9 or 10...who knows. However, I CAN tell you that in the early 2000's if a game received a 7 or 8, it was pretty much a MUST BUY. Anything higher than 8 was generally hard to get and if a game did receive that, you were rushing out the door to the store to get it. Now, 7-8's are almost considered flops by many gamers, which is sad...

And that's why I stick to sites/reviewers I trust, Metacritic for an overall picture, and finally friends.

abradley2014d ago

Fair enough, it used to be that you could borrow a game off your mate and try it out first but that has almost disappeared with so many codes on games and the second hand market starting to disappear.

abradley2014d ago

I know that user's scores reveal this information but shorley so should the bigger paid sites. After all they get paid the big bucks to tell the truth supposedly. The majority of the sites give all three higher then average reviews and so doesn't inform the customer correctly. Thanks for the more detailed info.