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GR: "When Marcus Fenix hung up his doo-rag, shaved his soul patch, and called it a day at the end of Gears of War 3, I nearly shed a manly tear with him. "What's left, Anya?", indeed. The COG army had warred with the Locusts for five long years, and the Pendulum Wars took as many, if not more, lives before that. While Marcus, Anya, Dom (lol), and others get to stay at their Island getaway a little longer, Baird and Cole have been sent back in time to the initial underground-monster onslaught.

"With a few new friends, the second-string Gears get starring roles and maybe even a chance to get emotional too. People Can Fly, of Bulletstorm fame, and Epic Games teamed up to reach deep and feed their fan base one more game. Can the formula continue to pay off, or is it time to take this war machine to the shop?"

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alexcosborn1863d ago

Nothing will top Gears 3.

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dbjj120881863d ago

I agree. I laughed at that too.

Wedge191863d ago

There does come a point when these games just start to wear thin. It looks like Gears is finally reaching it's thinning point. Micro's exclusives are starting to lose steam (though admittedly, the same can be said somewhat for some Sony exclusives that are reaching a breaking point as well).

TekoIie1863d ago

HOW DARE YOU.... Split your criticism evenly....

Kurt Russell1863d ago

I think the main problem is actually the changes away from the original formula. It's not going to attract people who weren't into gears, and its having trouble attracting long term fans like myself. I still play Gears 3 to this day, I don't think I really need this one yet.

DigitalSmoke1863d ago

Microsoft needs a few new exclusives cause this is getting old.

knifefight1863d ago

Hahaha oh snap, shots fired!

ftwrthtx1863d ago

It's not east sustaining any video game title or franchise for a considerable length of time.

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