'Watch Dogs' chose Chicago partly due to 10,000 cameras being installed in 2006

"Watch Dogs" will be hitting the PlayStation 4 at launch this year, but the game was chosen to take place in Chicago because of some recent technology moves the city made back during 2006.

In an exclusive with today, "Watch Dogs" creative director Jonathan Morin talked about why the development team decided to go with Chicago as the main setting for this game.

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rockbottom30761977d ago

Finally an open world game made in Chicago!

1977d ago
Realplaya1977d ago

The writer of the article does he know it's coming to other consoles?

OpieWinston1974d ago

I'm noticing that with a lot of people. I just laugh at them XD.

Half-Mafia1977d ago

We have over 400k cameras in London.

retro__1977d ago

not more dangerous than chicago though. whats going to happen in london a drive by insult? lol.

Half-Mafia1977d ago

I should of added that Watch Dogs is meant to be about being connected to everything/everywhere. 10k is not as connected as 400k.

Bathyj1977d ago

Ha, bubble for funny.

Plus from a gameplay perspective, the cops in Chicago would be more formidable than London, what with having guns and all.

What would Bobbies do?
They simply yell "HALT, or I'll yell Halt again."

Spinal1977d ago

ROFL!!! I live in london and that cracked me up! xD

Dark_Overlord1977d ago


Have you been to London recently?

Everytime I've been there in the past 5 - 6 years, there's at least a few officers standing around with MP5's (I'm pretty sure that's what they are)

ANIALATOR1361976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

actually immigrants are a big problem. Gangs, stabbings, etc. And you wouldn't like it if I said your police are all fat lazy doughnut eaters.

Dark_Overlord1976d ago

Disagrees hmm....

That was the first time they were 'deployed' there, and they are still there to this day (although more commonly around important buildings now).

P.S I was right about the MP5 :)

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paul19741977d ago

bath person! so london does not have armed police? never seen them? have you ever been to London! oh they have plenty of armed police, not with pistols but smg's as well as armed response units, the fact we also have police who are just armed with stun guns and batons makes the options more diverse for the player.

The point is being made london offers a more connected world. Maybe watch dogs 2 could come this side of the pond

retro__1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

london has a boring environment to play around and doesn't fit what they wanted for watch dog. they wanted a criminal, hoodlum, vandalism, crime infested city where its a everyday situation that has extreme surveillance so there would be more action in the game that has more things going on around you. even though london has more surveillance (which no one cares) it would be boring as fuck cause nothing goes on around there.

paul19741977d ago

retro, funny how its one of the greatest cities in the world and the most multi cutural of all with the UK's open border policy they seem to have here!

London has some very historic places as well as many not so such as the east end, I am afraid to say that it's not all butter cups and fairies here pal, the riots we have seen a couple yrs back says otherwise!!

But hey hate on London if that's your bag! the point was being made we have a government obsession here in the uk with cctv so it would work well with this type of game and it's not like we don't have criminal types or gangs here in britain.

kingPoS1972d ago

quote: Chicago is one of the world’s great cities. From its inception to today, it symbolizes modernity and progress alongside crime and corruption; great wealth and high culture alongside abject poverty and brutal violence.

After living in Chicago for years I can tell you that even the weather has been known to contradict itself.

000011977d ago

for real,chitowns no joke this days lol..

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