BioShock Infinite Full-Length Cinematic Commercial Video Now Available

"After seeing a short version of a brand new BioShock Infinite cinematic commercial, the full-length video has just been made available, showing off a bit more footage of a daring rescue made by protagonist Booker DeWitt to help Elizabeth."

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HammadTheBeast1979d ago

It's working too, my Chem teacher randomly mentioned that he saw this on TV yesterday and would be picking it up.

Welshy1979d ago

This is the first trailer i have watched.

I've been deliberately avoiding all previews, trailers etc so everything is fresh and a surprise. Too much is revealed and you know what a game is like before you play it these days, i don't want that with BioShock Infinite after how much i loved the original coming in from the dark =)

My Songbird statue shall sit proudly on my desk watching on as i play, hurry up and release already!

Swiggins1979d ago


finbars751979d ago

Yes cant wait.Im not surprised to see the disagrees guys.Its all the gamers who arent into real story driven games with unique gameplay mechanics.Oh yeah I could care less what the reviews are going to be the game is always going to be day 1 for myself and the millions of others.Haters can go back to your casual boring fps.

fsfsxii1979d ago

Why so many disagrees?? i guess people think cod is the best game ever...

zerocrossing1979d ago

I honestly couldn't tell you, I thought more people would be pleased to see the video considering it is Bioshok Infinite.

fsfsxii1979d ago

So true, Bioshock 1 is my favorite FPS of all time

Sevir1979d ago

This commercial gets me excited.

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