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BioShock Infinite Full-Length Cinematic Commercial Video Now Available

"After seeing a short version of a brand new BioShock Infinite cinematic commercial, the full-length video has just been made available, showing off a bit more footage of a daring rescue made by protagonist Booker DeWitt to help Elizabeth." (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Saladin416  +   934d ago
HammadTheBeast  +   934d ago
It's working too, my Chem teacher randomly mentioned that he saw this on TV yesterday and would be picking it up.
Welshy  +   934d ago
This is the first trailer i have watched.

I've been deliberately avoiding all previews, trailers etc so everything is fresh and a surprise. Too much is revealed and you know what a game is like before you play it these days, i don't want that with BioShock Infinite after how much i loved the original coming in from the dark =)

My Songbird statue shall sit proudly on my desk watching on as i play, hurry up and release already!
Swiggins  +   934d ago
finbars75  +   934d ago
Yes cant wait.Im not surprised to see the disagrees guys.Its all the gamers who arent into real story driven games with unique gameplay mechanics.Oh yeah I could care less what the reviews are going to be the game is always going to be day 1 for myself and the millions of others.Haters can go back to your casual boring fps.
fsfsxii  +   934d ago
Why so many disagrees?? i guess people think cod is the best game ever...
zerocrossing  +   934d ago
I honestly couldn't tell you, I thought more people would be pleased to see the video considering it is Bioshok Infinite.
fsfsxii  +   934d ago
So true, Bioshock 1 is my favorite FPS of all time
Sevir  +   934d ago
I cant wait to play it. Bioshock:Infinite looks incredible
This commercial gets me excited.
Xandet  +   934d ago
One of the better CG game trailers I've seen, for sure.

1886afc  +   934d ago
got this for free on pc can't wait!
Thepharaoh  +   934d ago
Beasts of America one more week!!!!
DanielForth  +   934d ago
IM confused, Did elizabeths clothing change or Not?

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