Wii U sales are flagging, but there's still hope for Nintendo

"When do you sound the alarm for a system's viability on the market? I remember the painful slog through the summer and fall of 2007, when the PlayStation 3 hit a miserably low 20,000 systems per week and finally began its crawl to respectability with the introduction of the $400 in November of that year. The Nintendo 3DS had a very rough start in 2011, but Nintendo moved public sentiment substantially with a severe price cut for new buyers and free games to assuage any bitter early adopters."

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PopRocks3591981d ago

And I'm sure there will be more than a few crystal ball toting trolls saying that it's downright IMPOSSIBLE for Wii U sales to pick back up. I'm not saying they will pick up for sure, but acting like the Wii U cannot see a significant increase in sales makes you look about as credible as one Michael Pachter.

We're not soothsayers, so we cannot adequately predict what will happen in this market, particularly with how unpredictable this generation is shaping up to be.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1980d ago


I agree with your statement,

I think the Doctor just disagreed with you.

(Doctor Who?)


SilentNegotiator1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

As usual, the biggest trolls comment first, complaining about other trolls that aren't even in the comment section. In an article giving hope to the Wii U.

Get over yourselves.

PopRocks3591980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )


Oh look! The attacks resume once you're in your element again, eh? Nice argument. Your debating are skills are just incredible.

Mind showing me your crystal ball the next time you call me a troll?

EDIT: Hey there instant phantom disagree. This ain't typical at all. Good show community! Thanks for reminding me how respectful, logical and unbiased you are!

Scratch that, make that 2+ disagrees. Apparently everyone here who seemingly hates this system can see the future. I'm sure Pachter would love to shake your hands, folks.

LOGICWINS1980d ago

There is no probable way that there will be a significant increase in Wii U sales unless theres a massive price cut.

LOL_WUT1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Yup, a massive price cut followed with whatever they plan to show off at E3 and the sales should pick up. ;)

Nevers0ft1980d ago

Oh I dunno. Nintendo has a LOT of fans (including me) it won't take many 1st party games to kick-off Wii U sales. And in many respects the price has already been cut at retail, just not by Nintendo.

truechainz1980d ago

Not true. Nintendo needs games. They have to give people a reason to value the system. They need to market the Wii U more and market it better than they have been.The key to that lies in making sure they have a solid understanding of what they want to do with their system which I'm not sure they do. They also need devs who are willing to experiment with the system's unique features and apply those to the games. Of course I understand this takes time for the latter so I don't expect things to change anytime soon, but it needs to be in the works(and I really hope that it is as we speak). Nintendo can definitely shift sales in a major way by doing these things, even though a price cut will definitely come eventually. Just not a massive one because in a business sense that will do more harm than good.

Donnieboi1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

What's the point. Ps4 and 720 will see to it that Wii U's 3rd party support is nailed in the coffin. Nintendo needs to make another console fast, even if it ends up p!ssing off early Wii U adopters.

Just my opinion...

SilentNegotiator1980d ago

They dropped the mass appeal for a more hard/core friendly interface and then failed to get strong 3rd party backing. It wasn't a smart move for Nintendo.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1980d ago

^ @SilentNegot.

By what judgement do you call PopRocks or myself Trolls-

-for saying that people can't see the Future?

SilentNegotiator1980d ago

Pointing out a deep logical flaw in how they're creating a target audience isn't trolling or predicting the future.

PopRocks3591980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Except for the part where I only said that sales CAN pick up and that it's obnoxious for people to say with certainty that they can't, you ditz.

Seriously, either your reading comprehension is absolutely horrendous, or you are just incapable of bending what others say or putting words in their mouths. Who's the real troll here, exactly? You are virtually incapable of bringing forth a respectable argument.

EDIT: Oh hey, phantom disagree here too. Like I said SN, can you even bring up a solid argument without being insulting or twisting someone else's words? Heaven knows, you've done it twice on my own blogs now.

You know what's most sad about all of this? You were the one whining on my blog about how Nintendo does not receive the level of hatred that other companies do, yet look at the comments and the like/dislike ratio. This shit would never fly in a PS4/720/PC article here.

zerocrossing1980d ago

You're not pointing out "deep logical flaws" you're just twisting reality and spreading misinformation to suit your hate fuelled anti Nintendo crusade.

You've proven time and time again you have some deep seeded hatred toward Nintendo, yet you still believe your criticisms and arguments hold any weight or credibility whatsoever when your views toward them are nothing if not completely biased.

Maybe if you actually had something positive to say in regards to Nintendo every once and awhile the fact that you're simply trolling wouldn't be so laughably apparent.

SilentNegotiator1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Maybe if Nintendo gave a reason every once in a while, I would.

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LOGICWINS1980d ago

Call me crazy, but I'm ecstatic to see the Wii U fail. Nintendo needs a brand new direction.

danitanzo1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

And I'm ecstatic to see the next xbox and playstation to fail so that they can get a new direction as well. But of course, the mainstream gamer will see graphics as what makes a game and how "hardcore" it is.

Edit: I don't actually want them to fail though... The more video games the better...

Kos-Mos1980d ago

I'm estatic to hide your comments because THEY SUCK.

zerocrossing1980d ago

But why? there are tons of Nintendo fans who still love the direction they are going in, why should they be dropped in favour of the mainstream gamers just to stop them from complaining that Nintendo aren't appealing to them when they aren't even their target demographic?

Do we really need 3 home consoles all pushing out the same multiplat titles with minor differences in graphics and gameplay?

jcnba281980d ago

If any company needs a new direction it's sony. All they care about is graphics.

truechainz1980d ago

You are crazy for thinking a console has to fail for their company to go in a new direction. Nintendo has already fused their handheld and console departments in an attempt to get their next console to "turn heads". Not to mention how they were the only console that started out in a new direction last gen. It seems like Sony could afford to change a little bit. At least Microsoft is trying to run with Kinect (they just need more exclusives and to bail on having people pay for online).

Not only would that alienate early adopters, it would alienate investors which is just bad news in a business sense. Not to mention that many people wouldn't buy after fear of just getting dropped again. However, I do feel this will probably be one of Nintendo's shortest console cycles.

You speak nothing but the truth. I am still happy with the Wii U and can't wait for what else they have planned. I swear some people just want to have all the consoles be similar so they can buy one and bicker eternally about why their purchase is best.

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Benjaminkno1980d ago

I'll come back and chat with you in a year and see if you say that...

Gamer-Z1980d ago

This might be their only choice, it was a mistake to come to the market with such a weak system. You can tell Nintendo was betting on on the Wii U's gamepad to to skyrocket them to success like the Wii's motion controls but its not happening, Nintendo cant rely solely on gimmicks to sell their products anymore. I'f Nintendo where to make a system as powerful as the PS4 with an OS that's as intuitive as the Xbox's and with their awesome first party games they could dominate the market again.

danitanzo1980d ago

Graphical capability is also a gimmick.

LackTrue4K1980d ago

what the hell was Nintendo thanking when they came out with the Wii u?!
its obvious that Sony and Microsoft was gana come out with a new more powerful console...did they expect that Sony/Microsoft was gana keep going another 5 years with what is out now?!?

Or dose Nintendo thank that developers are just gana wait on them.....?

"i have noting against Nintendo (lots of great memory's)....but CREDIT IT DUE, WHERE CREDIT IS DESERVED"

AJBACK2FRAG1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I'm sorry but I disagree. Nintendo starts development on next generation hardware virtually the same day the current generation home console ships. That means Nintendo has been working on the Wii U for sixish years. The idea that Nintendo could ship a new home video game console in two years is impossible.
I think all this hard work the guys at the big N put into the Wii U shines bright. In my opinion the Wii U is the best home video console Nintendo has ever shipped. I own them all so believe me I know. The guys that brought us the much maligned friend codes now offer us Miiverse. Miiverse to me is the Wii U's killer app. It's so cool and fun and the people are so nice and cool and the artwork I've seen has been fantastic! That's almost the best part being able to communicate with other people via drawings or doodles or just hand written notes is very tactile and exciting. Everybody knows the tiple A's are on the way right? E3 is going to be like Christmas morning six months early. Mario Kart U, Super Smash Bros. U, Retro studios, a look at the next Zelda and God only knows what else. I actually (Lol) see alot of hope in Nintendo's new home video game console. I actually see a lot of hope in the Wii U stealing the eighth generation cold.

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busytoad1980d ago

Still hope? Lmfao its a fail system, its a wii with a tablet for a controller lol.

jcnba281980d ago

Still hope? LOL! PS4 is a 6 year old pc lol They should have called it PS3.2

DarkHeroZX1980d ago

lol don't be butt hurt. As far a leap forward its right to call it a PS4. The wii U was just a jump into current gen. And correct me oif I'm wrong but the GPU and CPU in the ps4 are no older then 2010-11. That's pretty modern, don't expect a $1000 GPU and a hard to program for cell chip in this console.

Bumpmapping1980d ago

Time for Nintendo to ditch the Wii U and make a proper next generation console no cares about it or wants it apparently.

danitanzo1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

The wii u owners care about it. Its a fun system. That's all that should matter, not specs.

I shouldn't bother with the comment section anymore here on n4g... It's like a bad drug, painful, but I always come back for more...

LastXeno1980d ago Show
punisher991980d ago

"Graphical capability is also a gimmick."

Wrong. Graphical capability is evolution, not gimmick.

Nevers0ft1980d ago

Noooooo! All consoles have to be some homogeneous uninspired graphics powerhouse designed around Call of Duty, didn't you get the memo? One day all games will be platform agnostic and brown.


The Wii U just needs exclusive games not necessarily a price cut. I hope that nin can turn this all around but everytime I look I see an article saying how X game is being released on all systems except Wii U. Oh well I'm off to get Monster Hunter!

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