Gears of War Judgement getting microtransactions

Looks like Gears of War Judgement is the latest to throw in Micro transactions, this time giving you XP...

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dirigiblebill1711d ago

There were micro-transactions in Gears 3, too. Funny, there have been micro-transactions in games for yonks. It's just that nowadays we've decided to be bothered about it.

MooseWI1711d ago

They are getting more prominent though, and they are starting to appear in bigger named games.

UnHoly_One1711d ago

And they aren't going away.

You know why?


We can all complain until we are blue in the face, but it isn't going to accomplish anything. Just like any other business, the game devs are trying to make money, and if these types of things weren't making them money, they would stop.

I know I remember seeing an awful lot of purchased weapon skins running around in Gears 3. People are ALWAYS going to buy these types of things, so it isn't going anywhere.

Blastoise1711d ago

Micro-transactions in free to play games is fine.

Micro-transactions in $60/£40 blockbuster games makes me sad.

dirigiblebill1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

They've been in FIFA, Battlefield and Need for Speed for years.

"Micro-transactions in $60/£40 blockbuster games makes me sad."

Why? Just don't buy the micro-transactable content. It really is that simple.

Ron_Danger1711d ago

Seems like with each passing day every company is blurring the lines between micro transactions and DLC/ expansion packs. It would be one thing if all games were free to play, but micro transactions for full priced games is starting to get out of hand. I don't have any problem really if they are strictly cosmetic (weapon or player skins) but when games turn micro transactions into a pay to win situation, it really takes the fun out of it.

Very unfortunate for the consumer.

fredrikpedersen1711d ago

Skins are fine. Buying unlocks, new weapons and XP is not fine

TekoIie1711d ago


I disagree on the XP part since rank means nothing in Gears. If EPIC can make money off someone stupid enough to think it makes them a better player then Im all for that.

LackTrue4K1711d ago

Not surprised...I Hurd the game comes with only 4 maps on 2 play modes.
(I believe??)

Yi-Long1711d ago

... and it's why I didn't even bother getting excited about Gears of Wars 3 or this new game.

I don't buy incomplete games.

dirigiblebill1711d ago

That makes literally no sense. There's nothing incomplete about Judgment - the stuff you can pay extra for is entirely cosmetic, and as far as I'm aware you can earn all of it the old-fashioned way.

People need to let go of this ridiculous, knee-jerk terror of anything that isn't the old all-in-one upfront cost model. Yes, there are games that do micro-transactions badly, but dismissing the whole concept out of hand is just stupid.

Yi-Long1711d ago

... I have no idea how they've implemented it in the new Gears of Wars Judgement game. I saw how they were DLC-milking GeOW2 and 3 and decided I just can't be bothered with all that.

I'm just not interested in supporting games and greedy developers like that. Maybe Judgement gives you the opportunity to unlock all this content the right way, by playing the game (I doubt it), but they've already lost my interest...

TekoIie1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

But Gears 2 didn't have micro transactions....

I also don't see what the game was lacking at launch. It had everything Gears 1 had and much more to justify it as a complete game.

Derekvinyard131711d ago

@ blastoise

That's just terrible shame what greed can do to people

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josephayal1711d ago

This Game is Getting Better

chcolatesnw1711d ago

holy cow, permanent double xp for season pass holders?? what the hell. this is just like bf3 premium with its premium access to servers. you have to pay doubly for the game to actually get everything they promised. what a bunch of greedy suits

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