Rev3Games: Gears of War Judgment Review

Rev3Games: Gears of War Judgment is out this week! Is the game a fitting end to one of the biggest franchises of the generation, or yet another forgettable prequel? Watch Adam Sessler's review to find out!

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NYC_Gamer2017d ago

It's time for MS& Epic to let Gears rest.

BabyTownFrolics2017d ago


it's a fun game and many people enjoy the new multiplayer mode and the 4 player coo campaign

SDF Repellent2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Nope, EPIC is currently working on the next generation of Gears for the Nextbox. This is just a spin-off, side story game made by People Can Fly and with reputable sites giving this game good-great scores, it is a great gift for Gears fan like myself.

GN – 9.2/10
Destructoid – 9/10
GodisaGeek – 9/10
Eurogamer Italy – 9/10 – 9/10
Joystiq – 4.5/5
Xbox360Achievements – 8.9/10
NZ Gamers – 8.8/10
CheatCodeCentral – 4.8/5
InsideGamingDaily – 8.5/10
Strategy Informer – 8.5/10
GameTrailers – 81/100
OXM UK 8/10
OXM US – 8/10
Eurogamer – 8/10
Gamesradar – 4/5
The Escapist – 4/5

Edit @jaymart2k below,

Oh, I forgot about a few 7 and 6s, thanks for pointing it out. There are also 7 and 6s for other games like Halo 4, Uncharted 3, and God of War Ascension, but I also tend to ignored those as well. That is how I roll.

jaymart2k2017d ago

You forgot all those 6's & 7's

vividi2017d ago

a bit selective, but I agree that is a fun game and that's all that matter, the same for God of War Ascension, gamers are the winners!

jimbobwahey2017d ago

What makes you think that Epic are working on a Gears game for the next Xbox? I thought their only announced project right now was the game Fortnite for PC?

Are you just assuming that they're making a next gen Gears game or do you have something to back your statement up with?

I mean I'd love to see the Gears franchise continue, but I haven't seen anything mentioned about the franchise coming to the next Xbox until your post just now. So if you have information, please share.

GuyManDude2017d ago

You left out two of the most respected game journalists in the industry: Jeff Gerstmann (GiantBomb) and Adam Sessler (Rev3). Both gave it a 3/5. A good score, but not up to the caliber the series is known for.

Also, the game is launching with four maps for competitive multiplayer, and there's no horde mode. That's crazy.

Truth is there are many reasons to be critical of this game. Just like there are reasons to compliment the game.

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jaymart2k2017d ago

So it's decent not great

What you expect, This is made from People Can Fly who brought you Bullet-Storm.

LessThan2Tflops2017d ago

Giving a Gears game a lower score because you don't like the single player campaign is kinda missing the point.. Who would even play the campaign by yourself? It's designed for coop

Can't wait til tomorrow!

NYC_Gamer2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I played all the Gears of War campaigns by myself and never touched any online modes..I knew PCF would ruin the experience since thought Bulletstorm was garbage.

[email protected]

I'm not really a fan of playing online modes..I'd rather play the story and experience it all by myself.

LessThan2Tflops2017d ago

Well why? Make your game public and anyone can join in and play, you rather play with bots?

vividi2017d ago

I don't pay for live, so I only play the single player, I wait to the price drop and then enjoy the story and gameplay

Ezz20132017d ago

fair review for an average game

InTheLab2017d ago

The guy is a hack. Had his boys over at Epic made this game...he'd be calling it GoTY.

ziggurcat2017d ago

i'd be curious to see the achievement list - considering that this game tends to be a little uber bro, there's bound to be an achievement name equal to the bros before hos GOW: ascension trophy.