No Horde Mode In 'Gears of War: Judgment' Sparks Outrage

'Gears of War: Judgment's' lack of Horde mode is causing gamers to say they won't buy the game. While Epic's and People Can Fly's latest third-person is sure to sell well, will it sell less than it would have because of the missing mode?

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erikthegman2010d ago

considering I only play gears 3 for horde mode I think the outrage is justifiable. a new horde 3.0 could have taken it to a whole new level but alas nothing

Sabot2008d ago

I was very mad after i bought to find there was no horde. The capaign was bad as well really short and not challenging. I can honestly say without a doubt this game should be taken off of shelves and never spoken of again. Horde is what made GoW tick aside from the great Campaigns! If later they add hordee due to the amout of complaints then id be happy but until then it was the biggest waste of money since the twilight series and any M night Shamalon movie. We should honeslty form a petition to get a horde mode added to the game so it isnt a total loss... a free add for horde i might add otherwise they would ask for another 60 dollars for the download.