What games on PS4 will look like and what it will mean for gamers

But what does better graphics really mean for the gamer?

If you’re not hyped enough all ready this article might peak your interest just why you should be happy about this new gadget from a graphics point of view. Here are some quick bullet points accompanied by screenshots that will hopefully persuade you!

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Makasu1736d ago

Here's hoping next-gen will have 1080p/60fps at least!

Makasu1736d ago

Well the reason might be to fit in more effects and post processing instead.

BullyMangler1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Ps4 = Eventuality

Tales RPG addict1735d ago

Maybe since PS4 is easy to develop for like a PC gaming costs won't go up too much this time around. So Square-Enix stop fucking with us and REMAKE FFVII-IX for real on PS4/PS VITA.

Tales RPG addict1735d ago

PS4 i'll buy in Nov. 2014 since it'll have good games this time around.

Easy to develop for = less development problems, and more time to focus on bringing out fantastic games.