New Dead or Alive 5 Plus Gameplay Details Revealed

Continuing the build up to the official launch of Dead or Alive 5 Plus on PlayStation Vita, Tecmo Koei Europe has revealed a handful of new gameplay details from the videogame. With just over a week until the official launch, Dead or Alive 5 Plus is easily one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation Vita titles launching this month.

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Kingthrash3602017d ago

A week? Ive had it since it from game stop...

rainslacker2017d ago

Release date was lifted in the US. Was really happy when I got that text message about my pre-order being available on Friday.:)

Kingthrash3602017d ago

I actually was in store friday when they got the shipment. I didnt know what they had I was just wondering when doa was releasing. The clerk wasnt sure so he looked it up and that shipment had 3 copys. He checked and to our surprise it was ready for sale...I had no idea it was lifted....ii guess it was fate, I wanted it, had extra cash ( rare thing ) and boom in my hands loving it.

Donnieboi2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Good lawd, take a look at them titties! :O

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jc485732017d ago

I never get tired of them