Sony Could Make the First Holographic Game Console

RGN writes, "The state of technology has always incrementally increased. With the advent of High Definition graphics becoming a normality thanks to the Xbox 360 and later PlayStation 3, we expect to see further advancements with the PlayStation 4 being able to play 4K movies for example..."

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SEwas2097d ago

PlayStation might have the raw horsepower but I think Xbox is moving forwards further into a virtual reality type of gaming with Kinect and theyre about to annouce Kinect 2.0 for Xbox 720. PlayStation is gonna need more than just graphic displays and large data discs they are gonna need actual virtual content!!

Lockon2097d ago

Keep thinking that buddy.

2097d ago
Neko_Mega2097d ago

Really? You don't have any idea what you are talking about, Sony has been working on this stuff for along time and even wireless plugs.

skyblue142132097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


- Shin Nihon Kikaku(New Japan Project)

GusBricker2097d ago

Remember when kids would actually go outside and play?

giovonni2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Gus, remember when children used to get excited with the idea of just going outside? As far as this whole first thing goes, means nothing to me. In business it's not about who does it first, it's about who does it better at a price point that is instrumental to the people, but isn't detrimental to the existence of a said company. However, some of you Sunny D drinking Sony romantics see their name associated in an article, and automatically assume "goodism" when in essence, it needs to be asked if they were the first to introduce it, could we afford it, and will it not be a fly by night tech

ChickeyCantor2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Remember that time when parents thought their kids to enjoy both indoors and outdoors activities?

You can blame it on the kids. But it's your generation that's pumping out kids now. You owe it to yourself( if you have any kids that is).

Donnieboi2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Yeah but u also noticed there's less gangs and violence in the streets? Also, less baseballs crashing into other people's windows. To hell with the fact these kids are getting less excercise. That's their problem. Just keep those punks off the streets.

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BX812097d ago

For some reason I picture Sony being on the fore front of technology more than MS/[email protected] above: You want more kids outside? You gotta put a layer of tint on their tv, lol.

CaptainYesterday2097d ago

Whoa dude! But seriously that would be incredible as a kid I always imagined the future of video games would involve virtual reality or holograms.

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The story is too old to be commented.