Xboxer360: Gears of War: Judgment Review

Dave Burns of Xboxer360 writes "My love of Gears of War is no secret, I have a range of merchandise and the Gears of War 3 limited edition Xbox 360 so when Gears of War: Judgment was announced I got extremely giddy, that was until I heard that this time Epic Games would be handing the development over to People Can Fly, a small studio based in Poland that’s owned by Epic. Don’t get me wrong, the work that PCF have produced has been fairly breathtaking, Bulletstorm was an enormous amount of fun but I still had my reservations."

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1949d ago
InMyOpinion1949d ago

No Horde mode, no buy for me.

1949d ago
Gimmemorebubblez1949d ago

This is going to be God of War Ascension all over again....