‘Legend of Cage’ Texture Pack for ‘Majora’s Mask’ is an Actual Thing

Analog Addiction writes: "Perhaps you’ve played The Legend of Zelda series. Perhaps you’ve played Majora’s Mask. Perhaps you’ve seen Nic Cage’s fantastic acting (I’m being unironic, too). Now let’s say that perhaps you love Majora’s Mask and Nicolas Cage so much that you stay up for hours every night dreaming of them being married in wonderful, horrific bliss. Well, for one, I envy you and your precious, unique mind. Also, your dreams have been made a reality, and it’s not due to the belayed apocalypse or drugs (though I suspect some narcotics may have been involved at some point). Kinda famous internet boy, fantastic video editor, and all around hilarious video game video youtuber (that’s a term, right?) Criken, whom I am personally a huge fan of, has completed his life’s greatest work; The Legend of Cage: Beneath the Mask."

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