Kojima is bringing a secret weapon to GDC

Next week, during the GDC, Hideo Kojima is presenting the Fox Engine and Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes in a long presentation. Today, he was in the mocap studio, and he brought a 'secret weapon' with him for GDC.

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Nyxus2013d ago

Joakim Mogren must be inside the box. :P

SuperKiing2012d ago

In relation to GDC. How long is Kojima presentation?

Nyxus2012d ago

90 minutes. It was expanded from 60.

Shuyin2012d ago

90 mintues, brother. It's also livestreamed.

ANIALATOR1362012d ago

the head of joakim mogren mutilated inside the box

Donnieboi2004d ago

I'm hoping it's mgo 3. Or else I don't care anymore.

SuperKiing2012d ago

Cant wait for this event.

imtheman20132012d ago

Does anyone know if and/or where this event will be live streamed?

Nyxus2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Yes, on GameSpot, on March 27.

imtheman20132012d ago

Thanks! Can't wait, any news on MGS is exciting news! :D

bryam19822012d ago

At what time? eastern hour please

Trago13372012d ago

Whatever it is, it's gonna have a huge amount of that good 'ol fashion Kojima Cheese lol.

Mounce2012d ago

Then when GDC end and people go to question: "Who 'Won' GDC?!"

Nintendo....Sony....Microsoft ...(With Ubisoft winning last years' E3) - Nope...nope...

Kojima won GDC 2013, lol.

MagneticDeath22012d ago

Unless he reveals MGS5 on PS4 only then Sony wins for sure.

Mounce2012d ago

I'd suspect and hope it to be PSV Exclusive, but that'd surely not shelve as many units both software or hardware as it would if it were a console-exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.