God of War Ascension Review | GES

Kratos is back, this time in a prequel to the Trilogy. Another addition to Ascension is Multiplayer. So with so much promise and so much to up hold let’s see how ascension fares against its predecessors.

The Story:
Ascension takes place before the events of the first game just months after Kratos was tricked to slay his own family by Ares. Kratos formed a bond or blood oath with the God of War to get power to destroy his enemies and in return has to serve the God for eternity but by being tricked to kill his own, Kratos breaks the oath to get revenge on Ares. Kratos gets captured by the Furies whom imprisons oath breakers and so his quest for vengeance begins. The story jumps back and forth a bit and can be a bit confusing if you lose focus. Also this story doesn’t quite offer the same titanic battles as in the Trilogy but it is still worthy of the God of War title.

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