‘Lego City Undercover’ highlights another problem for the Wii U

Digital Trends - The Nintendo Wii U, in both its $300 Basic Set and $350 Deluxe Set flavors, has always been light on memory. The Basic Set touts 8GB of internal flash memory storage on the box, but that’s before the console’s firmware is installed. Doing so leaves Wii U owners with just a measly 3GB of memory to save games on without the use of an external hard drive. That’s not even enough room to download the system’s signature title, NintendoLand. This is likely why the majority of Wii Us sold are the heftier Deluxe Set. Nintendo is running into problems with its digital distribution business even on that model, though. New games like Lego City Undercover can’t be downloaded to the console at all.

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brewin1978d ago

Buy a USB HDD problem solved. At least they make the solution affordable and possible to upgrade. Unlike Sony and MS charging hundreds of dollars for minimal memory. You an get a 500 gig HDD for around 80 bucks. $100 will get you a 32 gig memory card for ps vita

Nevers0ft1978d ago

In Sony's defence they're NOT gouging customers on HDDs, you can put any 2.5" HDD in a PS3. Microsoft on the other hand should be ashamed of the fisting they give customers on the 360 HDD.

I'm totally behind Nintendo on the storage solution on the Wii U. I'd much rather buy my own storage at a size and price convenient to me than have it baked into the console price... and I'm speaking from experience, I just bought a 1TB drive for less than £50 for my Wii U.

The PS3 solution of having a bay in the console is neater but presumably Nintendo wanted to keep the console footprint small and it saves on the cost of manufacturing.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31978d ago

"$100 will get you a 32 gig memory card for ps vita"

Did you miss that part of that person's statement? Take the Sony shades off...

Nevers0ft1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3
I don't own a Sony console, I haven't since about 2002 - you need to re-adjust your fanboy detector cos it's giving false positives.

The discussion was about home consoles and hard disks - I'm aware of the pricey PSV memory cards but can't see how that's relevant, which is why I specifically referred to the PS3s HDD.

darthv721978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

but I also had an external 320gb HDD in a self powered enclosure that wasnt being used. I hooked it up to the basic and now I can download demos and other content that wont fit on the basic internal storage.

Now at one time, that external hdd probably cost me $100 but since it wasnt being used for anything for a several years I am now putting it to use.

I would have liked to use my smaller usb powered enclosure but i read that its best to use ones that have their own power. The hdd is a western digital 320gb 7200rpm PATA desktop drive and the enclosure supports both PATA and SATA drives so I have options for the future.

edit: @dylila...its only a problem for those that want to see it that way. Or those who have no desire for one in the first place.

For everyone else, it is nothing to get in a twist over.

Dylila1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

just change the title to " another problem for the wii u". there are many and too many compare to the good about the console.

queue the nintendo apologist that will flock every nintendo article that actually talks about the cons that are a negative towards the wii u. they will first try to distort and make disparaging remarks towards anyone critiquing the wii u even when the critiques are true ignoring and not actually refuting what someone says.

Worldwide Software:

1: PS3 2,195,326 (+37%)
2: X360 1,699,161 (+40%)
3: PC 892,161 (+142%)
4: 3DS 548,488 (-25%)
5: Wii 537,910 (-8%)
6: DS 327,402 (-3%)
7: PSV 311,651 (+21%)
8: PSP 192,390 (-3%)
9: WiiU 74,772 (-2%)

Worldwide Hardware:

1: PS3 - 129,469 (-11%)
2: 3DS - 127,264 (-15%)
3: X360 - 87,367 (-6%)
4: PSV - 83,825 (-0%)
5: WiiU - 29,820 (-2%)
6: PSP - 29,665 (+47%)
7: Wii - 23,414 (-13%)
8: DS - 19,954 (-20%)

the sales of the wii u and its software for the past few months have been abysmal and the reason why is because of nintendo fans and nintendo. nintendo fans excuses everything about nintendo and apologize constantly on nintendos behalf. its quite funny really and pathetic. the console is actually rubbish but youll hear them say, graphics doesnt matter, its bad to release too many games quickly, miiverse is better than ps home ad xbl, power of a system doesnt matter, the weaker system always wins the generation and all sorts of foolishness.

just accept everything as is. the wii u is a good console that is too weak, too expensive, lacks quality games, lack third party support, lacks first party support, archaic online service, silly controller scheme and all sorts. the wii u was released prematurely which might lead to its demise due to ps4 and xbox 720 releasing this year being way better consoles. same thing happened to the dreamcast o the wii u might be the new dreamcast but worse.

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Kingthrash3601978d ago

Never fails...people always compare the wiiu to the vita. Why is that? "You can get a 500 gig HDD for around 80 bucks. $100 will get you a 32 gig memory card for ps vita" I think its just stupid to compare the two vita being a handheld....and dont get me wrong the vita memory card price is some bs , wayyyy too expensive. ..but how about we stop compareing it two. Seeing that the wiiu is over priced and forcing you to buy the deluxe version just to have to spend 100 $ more for a external hdd makeing the price 400-450 before taxes isnt a great move by Nintendo.

lilbroRx1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

This is not a problem. It was announced before the console was launched that it would rely on external HDDs.

This is just another article making and issue out of something that isn't.

Christopher1978d ago

Not for the normal user who doesn't know that it was "known beforehand". It's an issue because it's going to be highlighted more often and seen as a negative on the console.

PopRocks3591978d ago

Yeah, I can see how being forcibly limited to a 20GB HDD on the 360 was any better.

Theyellowflash301978d ago

I don't think it will be a negative if you already have a external HDD. Or Nintendo could simply start shipping the Wii U's with a 100 GB external HDD.

Christopher1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

***Yeah, I can see how being forcibly limited to a 20GB HDD on the 360 was any better.***

Different day and age. We're in next gen where HDD obviously means a lot more with one of WiiU's first outings requiring an external device as opposed to a HDD that really wasn't required until about 2 years ago on the 360 (5 years after its release).

***I don't think it will be a negative if you already have a external HDD. Or Nintendo could simply start shipping the Wii U's with a 100 GB external HDD.***

I doubt most Wii owners bought a WiiU with the understanding or desire to connect another device to it. And, yeah, it'll be better _when_ they start putting out machines with more drive space.

stragomccloud1978d ago

I'm really glad they didn't use hard drives, because console manufacturers really screw us in the memory department. HDDs are so cheap, I like being able to pick one for myself.

LOL_WUT1978d ago

Nintendo really shot themselves in the foot by not selling the Wii U with a proper hard drive or with a good amount of internal flash memory. It doesn't matter if they tend to fail, this thing is supposed to be a next-gen console. If it were so CHEAP then I don't see how Nintendo couldn't afford to put one in each console. ;)

stragomccloud1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Because they would probably mark up the price of the console. I like this option a lot more, because it enables me to control how much I pay. Besides, I have at least 2 500GB hard drives lying around, and I have an external enclosure as well. So I don't even have spend extra money.

Theyellowflash301978d ago

How did they shoot themselves in the foot when you can plug in any external HDD you want, for any price your willing to pay. If you buy games digitally then cool, but for most people, this is a none issue. But of course LOL_WUT has too troll away.

Utalkin2me1978d ago


Its 2013 and it should come standard with a decent size harddrive. That would be like my galaxy 3 coming with just enough storage to hold contacts and basic stuff. But if i wanted to take picture or videos or get a bunch of games i would have to pay extra for a flash card and it plugs into the side of the phone.

Makes the functionality of the device less appealing.

falcon791978d ago

Nintendo will obviously start selling 1TB hard drives in shops they have the technology,Nintendo and inphase own holographic storage tech for discs and drives.

1upgamer991978d ago

Non issue for me, I bought a 2 terabyte HD with auto backup at a place out here on the West Coast called Fry's for $100.

stragomccloud1978d ago

Fry's is such an awesome place.

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