4 cancelled PS3 games we want to see on PS4, but probably never will

Mike Harradence of writes:

"Now that PlayStation 4 has been blown wide open (well, sort of –we still don’t know what the box looks like), it’s got us thinking about the myriad of games that we’d love to see on the platform. While there’s the usual suspects floating around in our wish list, such as Uncharted, God of War, Resident Evil, The Last Guardian, and Assassin’s Creed etc. we’ve also cast our thoughts over some of the PS3 titles that sadly never saw the light of day.

"Wouldn’t it be pucker if these lost gems could receive new life on Sony’s high-powered next-generation machine?"

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Derekvinyard131974d ago

Dam has it been that long since we've seen eight days? Ps3 launch and now the ps4, I'm doubting that game might ever come out, shame they shelved it because it looked to be a big seller

ichimaru1974d ago

In retrospect 8 days looks very do-able on the ps3

Samus HD1975d ago

If a Game like shadows of the colosus would be released..
than an automaticly BUY for PS4

JKelloggs1975d ago

Agent? I know that hasn't been cancelled, or spoken of for a while.. Hope they can shed some light on it soon.

USMC_POLICE1975d ago

Agreed I'm hoping they just delayed it for ps4

HOO-HAA1974d ago

After they've finished GTAV I hope, I bet it's multiplatform too!

GABRIEL10301975d ago

The Getaway, I enjoyed the first game, was great.

USMC_POLICE1975d ago

They were both great did you try the second one?

cleverusername1974d ago

It was brilliant, loved the Hammond cameo in LA Noire too!

CaptainYesterday1975d ago

I remember hearing that The Getaway is just put on hold while focusing on other projects but it seems like it won't come out at this point it's a shame a lot of people were looking forward to it. Also what about Agent, Heat, and inSANE I hope those games happen!

Kingnichendrix1975d ago

They cancelled it in the end because it was too expensive

HOO-HAA1974d ago

Getaway and Eight Days were canned for EYETOY, EYEPET AND SINGSTAR!! STILL winds me up to this day!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.