Battlefield 4 teaser poster analysis reveals some weapons, vehicles

An in-depth analysis of the recently revealed Battlefield 4 teaser poster shows the return of the M39 rifle and LAC-25 vehicle, among others.

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N0S3LFESTEEM2010d ago

I could care less about different vehicles or weapons... those could easily be added into BF3's lineup. Improved destruction should be at the top of everyone's list along with integrated voice chat for all platforms.

MooseWI2010d ago

Agreed, what I am really interested in is what is different from BF3, in a way that it couldn't be added to it, other wise it just feels like one big expansion and a punch to my gut for buying premium.

2010d ago
omi25p2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

integrated voice chat?

Il stick to 8 player party chat thanks.

N0S3LFESTEEM2010d ago

8 player party chat... lol. I could use skype or ventrilo but that doesn't add to the fact that you can't communicate as a team by default if your playing with people you don't know. PS3 is the worst example... *crickets*

Triggytrolls2010d ago

That's the problem with XBL, nobody talks anymore, they're all in their party chat licking each others balls.

It was better without party chat.

Rob Hornecker2010d ago

TriggyTrolls: The main reason you see people in a party chat is ( as you said in your own post ) NOBODY talks anymore when in team or squad chat. When getting into a random server,your lucky to find ANYONE on either side that even has a MIC!...much less uses it to work together and kick some ass!!

I play with people I know and when we do have 8 people in a party chat its because we run 2 squads that work as a team.

To bad games like CoD and its run and gun lone wolf style of play have wrecked what teamwork is all about. If there NOT into teamwork,then Battlefield is NOT a game they will enjoy playing!!!

This issue is not just on XB360 ,but also is just as bad on PS3 as well!

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MYSTERIO3602010d ago

I really hoped that BF4 was a next gen title so that 60FPS could be definitely achieved but if they do that on current gen console that's great to. But more destructibility would be great and a better (possibly 4 player)campaign experience. Also they should allow split screen gameplay in multiplayer and bring back onslaught mode.

Rob Hornecker2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I couldn't agree with you more! The only things I would add is the addition of 64 player VS mode for next gen systems and perhaps a way to edit or make your own maps like the PC copy of Battlefield 2 has. Even though it was a 3rd party standalone.

Great comment BTW!

Detoxx2010d ago

Can't wait to see BF4

Tonester9252010d ago

I hope that with all the DLC that I've bought (Guns, Game Modes, etc...) will be IN GAME already in BF4.

What I didn't enjoy as well was the death animation. I went to the BF3 forums and voiced my opinion on how this game DESERVES to have a killcam! You can shoot a sniper bullet from across the map and right into someone's skull and your opponent will just fall. Or you can get blown up by a rocket launcher and fly 1000 ft in the air, but in your screen you just fall down.

I was thinking of a sort of Max Payne 3 bullet time killcam where the camera actually follows the missile, bullet, grenade and into your opponent.

----------------This will be perfect for the PS4 and the Share Button----------------

At the end of the game, their will be a series of killcams that can be classified in the following categories. Longest Headshot, Multiple Kills, Lucky Shot, Noob (for suicide or mass team kill and everyone can laugh at you!), Fastest killing streak, etc. If you make it on one of the video highlights you will gain extra XP. This will make players want to up their skill so they can be showcased.

Maybe they can create a short film of every kill that you have gotten, like on Madden you can view every play. Your videos can then be saved in an archive and then you can create a compilation and share it with your friends.

I'm going off the top of my head here bare with me.

Since we are going Next-Gen I would love to see more gore! Heads exploding from sniper bullets, running people over you will get blood on your windshield. Get blown up by a grenade but it doesn't kill you? Your legs a severed and you just have to sit there like Lieutenant Dan on Forest Gump and try to get a few more kills.

Maybe a bleedout system. I hate being kill by someone that gets a lucky headshot on me. I watch the "Killcam" and it says they have 1% health left. Sometime 0% left! Must be a lot of decimals going on.

Realistic Destruction please! I loved the destruction on Bad Company 2! On the snow level playing Rush I can place C4 around the 2 story house, wait for my opponents to run in, blow the whole house up and have it crashing down.

In BF3 I kept getting caught on fence posts and obscure things that I know I should be able to blow up. It was just weird to shoot a tank missile at the exposed frame of a building and it just sits there. This is BATTLEFIELD!

I love the game.

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