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PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox 720 Vs PC Gaming – A Unified Future?

Press Blue - Well, chances are the pattern will once again follow similar lines as last time around, whereby thousands claimed the end of the PC gaming era was well and truly upon us and were summarily forced to eat their words when mind-blowingly powerful PCs once again left consoles in the dust.

All in all therefore, expect the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720 to raise the bar for gaming as we know it, only for said bar to be summarily re-raised once again by the next-generation PCs to follow (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Rearden  +   522d ago
Games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 looked a lot alike. I think there will be even less difference between multiplatform games this time.

The PS3 and 360 were so different in architecture, yet the games were nearly identical. The new consoles will be practically identical in architecture.

Fanboys will have less and less reason to fight...
GalacticEmpire  +   522d ago
The top two reasons they fight will still exist:

* Personal identification with a product

* Protection of a monetary investment

aceitman  +   522d ago
maybe on multiplatform but not exclusives , and being that it was hard for devs to develop on ps3 that might change, well time will tell and come this holiday let the fights begin.
jlukee  +   522d ago
Fanboys will still fight. You could write an article about a sock and they'd still find a way to relate it to the consoles..
Clarence  +   522d ago
That's not true. Sony exclusive games have always looked better. Which is why they always compare ps3 games to PC.

M$ held the PS3 back when it came to multiplate.
dale_denton  +   522d ago
SDF Repellent  +   521d ago
" http://m.edge-online.com/ne...
M$ held the PS3 back when it came to multiplate. "

I find it funny that Edge has always been unreliable to Sony fans do to the claim that they are "bias against Sony". Now, they are using an article from Edge to back their defenses. Oh, the irony. LMFAO
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   521d ago
"That's not true. Sony exclusive games have always looked better."

Prove it.

I think Gears 3 looks better then Uncharted 2 or Uncharted 3.

I think Halo 4 looks better then any exclusive on the PS3

Prove I am wrong...

See graphics are subjective. So again, prove that me wrong...you know with ACTUAL PROOF and not just your BS bias opinion. Use sources, links to back it up.
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Gaming_Guru  +   522d ago
To: Rearden

The reason why multi-platform games looked similar because that's the goal. When making a game on multiple platforms developers want to meet at a common-denominator and the only difference if any is usually a programming problem not a hardware problem.

It would be like trying to pour the same amount of water is two different sized glasses, without measuring how much is being poured. My point in-case is that if the multi-platform games look more identical than this generation it's because the programming is similar not hardware since they are meeting at common grounds.
3-4-5  +   521d ago
Less fighting and more creative thinking are always a plus.

We are going to finally see more PC games make their way to consoles and more console games make their way to PC.

I think this is going to greatly expand the gaming market.

"Analysts" might say the opposite, but this is going to help the gaming industry grow. There is no dying amongst the gaming industry, just cycles and more good ideas.
carreirabr  +   522d ago
No DVD multi-plat downgrade this time, hopefully.
dirthurts  +   521d ago
DVD doesn't affect the games in any way. Just the number of disks.
Why do you think PC games still come on DVD but look way better than anything on consoles?
travelguy2k  +   521d ago
DVD's can limit how big an open world is.

Computers can use DVD's because they all get installed to the HDD. They are highly compressed on the disk. (Windows 7/8 comes on 1 dvd but takes up like 30 gigs).
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dirthurts  +   521d ago
They could in theory limit an open world, in theory, I'll give you that one. So far, however, Every open world game that has been released has ran just fine off of even the 360's DVD drive, including Far Cry 3.
Next gen we should expect pretty large hard drives and game installs, and this really wouldn't be an issue.
carreirabr  +   512d ago
GTA IV and RAGE say hi. DVD and lack of harddisk is killer.
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Hitman0769  +   522d ago
description is pretty much dead on. consoles will be a bit better than average broke guy's PC until waddayakno some crazy good tech comes cheaper and the PC is beyond the consoles. if you are really picky and technical like some PC gaming elitists, you could even say the consoles never innovated anything in the first place but i prefer to see both as necessary and fun as hell.
falcon79  +   522d ago
And the WiiU isn't yeah alright lets get this straight the WiiU has shown NEXTGEN high end pc level graphics already with games like Trine2 and many eshop games use dx11 technology,the upcoming NFS and Gianna sisters game both use high end pc graphics ??? WiiU has proven its next gen.



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jukins  +   521d ago
not trying to put the wiiu down but the vids you chose to showcase the wiiu's power kinda show its not really much better than ps3 or xbox aka current gen. again not trying to put the wiiu down but it certainly doesnt have the power to match the true next gen consoles let alone be compared to a high end pc.
Dlacy13g  +   521d ago
Dennis Dyack's prediction starting to look pretty much on target. It's not that there will be one console to rule them all...but instead we will see consoles basically take on a PC spec in the big scheme of things.

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