Nyko UBoost For Wii U Review

One of the biggest complaints Wii U owners have with their console is the battery life of the Gamepad. The Gamepad is the biggest feature of the Wii U, therefore the ablysmal battery life, which only last 3-4 hours is a big let down to users. Nyko understands this predicament and has released some new Wii U accessories to combat the issue, like the Nyko UBoost.

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MultiConsoleGamer1800d ago

Solid review but I will wait for an internal battery upgrade.

deafdani1799d ago

I agree. While it's nice to have a battery solution from third parties, Niko's Uboost looks... well... ugly as hell. There's no way to put it mildly. It's big, clunky, and in my opinion, destroys the aesthetics of the Gamepad.

The funny thing is, the battery inside the Gamepad's is actually much smaller than the battery compartment it's lodged on. This makes me believe it's actually possible to put a larger battery in there. Maybe Nintendo didn't do it just to cut down production costs, but if that was the case, it was a bad call IMO. Historically speaking, Nintendo was always very concerned about battery life, and it makes me sad to see that they aren't being as demanding on that regard now on the Wii U and 3DS.

bigchad1799d ago

nyko does have a battery pack that fits in the battery compartment. it says it has 3x battery life of the original. i ordered one at amazon for $24.99. its called power pak for wii u. its supposed to release next week.

deafdani1799d ago

Really??? *flies to Amazon to check it out*

Wow, awesome! NOW we're talking! Excellent find, buddy, thanks. Bubbled up for helpful. :D

MNGamer-N1799d ago

Yep got mine from amazon as well. I can't wait until it arrives. I won't want this thing. In theory cant you use powerpak and uboost together to get like 15-20 hours battery charge? But I think I'll just stick with powerpak.

LackTrue4K1800d ago

haha...that is a bad ass skin on that controller!!!
love the look! :D