First Halo 3 Easter Egg Found

Apparently someone have discover the Marathon logo hidden in the texture of the assault rifle on a 2500 pixel Halo 3 promo pic…

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General4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )


Ugly American4449d ago

I could have sworn the Grunt crossing sign which is clearly visible in the initial trailer was the first easter egg found.

DarkLordRaptor4449d ago

Fine then. First non obvious easter egg would suffice.

calderra4449d ago

Yup. It's not the FIRST egg, but it is certainly a harder one to find.

According to the crack (sniffing) researchers at, this logo would appear about 5 pixels tall on most gaming displays if it's included in the final game. Good thing it was found now. lol.

PS360PCROCKS4449d ago

um...yea whatever this means

younghalo4449d ago

d no idea it was on the AR

alilhappything4447d ago

I wonder how many there will be in the game.