Arrow TV Show Skin Announced For Injustice: Gods Among Us

Warner Brothers Interactive and DC Entertainment have today announced some news regarding Injustice: Gods Among Us and the Green Arrow.

An alternative skin for the Green Arrow will be unlockable within the full game. The skin in question is based on the hit TV show Arrow, complete with voice over by Stephen Amell. This week also saw the announcement of Doomsday joining the roster of fighters.

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LOGICWINS2013d ago

"The skin in question is based on the hit TV show Arrow, complete with voice over by Stephen Amell."

OMG YES! Stephen plays a fantastic Green Arrow! The guy from Smallville was a skinny wimp IMO.

DarkBlood2013d ago

yeah i know i hope he says *you have failed this city* lol

GamerEuphoria2013d ago

Not going to lie, I'm t to watch Arrow. I also didn't watch the later seasons of Smallville so i can't really compare :D i do remember seeing Smallvilles Green Arrow and wondering who he was due to his size though.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

This was announced weeks ago. If you vote in the battle arena it's one of the prizes you get.... along with a theme for your ps3.


Really? They have gameplay up on their youtube page with Green Arrow in the Stephen Amell uniform. When I voted in the Battle Arena on their facebook page weeks ago it was the first prize I recieved. If they were trying to keep it secret until now they did a poor job of it.

GamerEuphoria2013d ago

Press release was sent to us today.

jdktech20102013d ago

Have they sent it to you yet? They said they would send it to me in an email but it didn't say when.

I'm assuming at release but just wondering since the way I read your comment was that you have it already.

GamerEuphoria2013d ago

Yes really, why would we lie :P I'm assuming the press release was just a confirmation on the poll winner.

JohnApocalypse2013d ago

I want some Christopher Nolan skins

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2013d ago

Why? Those movies did nothing but ruin the villains. I'd rather that crap not be in there. This is supposed to be fan service for DC fans, not to crap all over the characters.

GamerEuphoria2013d ago

The Nolan edition of the game would involve Bane's finisher taking months to complete...:D

Nitrowolf22013d ago

Love the show and I hope it's not one on it's way to be cancelled

Williamson2012d ago

I hope your right! A lot of great shows have been cancelled recently, including young justice which I loved as well.

Nitrowolf22012d ago

eh isn't YJ still on? The last one shown was just last week

Williamson2012d ago

That was the last one to be aired. It never got picked up for a third season, same with green lantern which I was also a fan of.I still had 15 eps to watch of YJ but dont know if I should continue now.

tarbis2012d ago

ooohhh that's really cool! I really love The Hood t.v. series. Can't wait to watch the next episode.
Is it just me or Doomsday is a little thin in the video reveal?